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  1. I remember watching the killing of a chinese bookie years ago and being bored out of my mind (i think it was the long cut). It still remains the only cassavetes film ive seen to date.

    Will try to watch opening night, looks good.

    Relevant video:

  2. Yeh i love the whole vibe the movie has, defo one for wkw fans. Great use of locations and clothing.

    The movie is part of a sort of trilogy of films, the other two are 'the longest summer' and 'little cheung'.

    Highly rec little cheung, has the same restlessness that made in hong kong has yet its centred around very different characters.

  3. looks like bloc is a shitshow

    yeh was a complete fuck up. Saturday got cancelled cos Friday was so bad.

    It all turned out golden tho! So many pop up raves got organised cos there so many DJ's in town with no venues to play at. Went to the Jacques greene one with Martyn last night in peckham and it went OFFFF, completely free for bloc ticket holders as well. Best free night i will ever go to. Also oneohtrix point never, darkstar, flylo, oneman played XOYO at another pop up rave happening that night, heard the weeknd rolled in on stage as well.

    All in all, Proper special night in London all cos Bloc was such a fuck up. Best part is there's another free NumbersxSwamp81 night coming up, for bloc ticket holders.

  4. Just done my exams for this year and have about a one month break before i start a summer internship at a tech start-up. Super excited about starting and i'm genuinely interested in the work they do. Can't imagine a better place for me to work this summer really. Everyone there was super chill and it looks like i'll have real input into product design and development.

    Kind of lucky in a way cos if i had been less lazy and applied in time for internships at banks (like the rest of the people on my course) i'd probably have a position at a bank doing work which i'd most probably hate. Or if i'd gone down the engineering route i'd probably have to commute to some out of town shit hole where most of engineering firms are based.

    I'm still pretty undecided about what i want to do after university is over, so i'm hoping this start-up thing will help me get things much clearer. I'm defo warming to the idea of going straight into a start-up as opposed to a big firm after graduation.

  5. Hi Protocol, how did you find Hanoi?

    I was there a while back, went to Sapa too.

    For me I found it to be unbelievably hectic, impossibly colourful and completely different from home!


    My apologies if I over-posted, the rest of the series can be found here.

    Your shots from Vietnam really take me back, wish i brought some slide film with me now - the colours are so good. Anyway Hanoi was great - I went in the height of summer so was sweating balls pretty much 100% of the time. But was staying with family so got to experience proper Hanoi city life away from the more central areas, really loved how chill people there are.

    Did you explore the city by motorbike by any chance? That was probably the best thing for me - just rolling around the city on the back of a bike, fuckin terrifying the first time tho! Regret not shooting more film while out there.

  6. some shots from a roll of Wephota PAN 200 i picked up from some back alley in Hanoi, was trying to find some Tri-X (impossible) and never even knew wephota existed at that point. Souped it in D-76 once i got back home and was really suprised with the results, thought it was going to be shit cos the film was so cheap. Sadly i can't find more of this stuff anywhere anymore.




    this ones from actually from a roll of Lucky shd 100 but there's a bike in it so...


  7. I'm looking into getting into film photography... any thoughts on the minolta x700? any lens recommendations?

    looks like a solid slr as long as the electronics hold, exposure lock and aperture priority are good. Can recommend just going for fast prime lenses to start with, the 50mm 1.7 is standard. Most of the Minolta primes are good lenses.


    rollei retro 100 aka old agfa apx 100

    can't get this stuff anymore - sadly it's a running theme with film.

  8. If your in London on the 13th. Fabric is the one.

    Look at this god dam lineup, fkin ridiculous. Cannot wait.



    Pearson Sound

    Kode 9

    Ben UFO


    Icicle (live)

    Jam City


    MCs: Chunky, LX One




    Loefah (Foundation Set)




    om Unit


    MCs: Crazy D, Dread




    Illum Sphere

    Eclair Fifi

    Jon K


    Johnny Dub

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