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  1. hello,


    i have two kerchiefs for sale


    one is red color in size 2 worn twice can easily pass as brand new,

    and the other one is pink in size 1.


    bought them from reseller for 298k jpy - 268k jpy respectively.

    i would part with them for 2200 usd each or best offer, the reason would be size 2 is a bit too big and pink color doesnt suit me very much.

    if anybody wants to trade them with size 1 in red, brown, yellow, navy or black that would be perfect.


    please excuse the phone pic, gave my cam to my sister recently. the pink one will be up shortly





  2. hello, selling my less used items here,

    items will be sent from Indonesia. price is including shipping fee worldwide. add 4% if paying by paypal or send it as gift.

    soloist 3 quarter tee. size xs. 250 usd

    converse n(n) size 8.5 usd 150

    visvim lhamo bearfoot pizi size 8 usd 300

    visvim cinch neck size 2 usd 250

    soloist you and me cap size L usd 150

  3. yo bone, keep it, it will stretch out. the stretch is insane. a 32 will be too big for u. ur friend bought the taliesin shirt. looks not bad. let me know if u need one.

    Will do! Thanks kg!

  4. Just bought a w30 raw social sculpture, i usually wear sz 1 in all visvim pants. fits very tight on the waist but perfect leg throughout. Anybody got an experience with them? Can the waist stretch enough till it get comfortable? Or shoukd i flip it and buy the 32 instead?

  5. it seems the rumors of the second-hand shop are not exactly what they seem. a new shop will be opened in tokyo later this year but it won't be a recycle shop. rather, it sounds to be visvim items remade/reconstructed with vintage fabrics. that may be where the "second-hand" idea came from.

    I wonder if the price will be lower or higher, as hiroki seems to shamelessly raise prices for everything vintage (*cough* necklace)

  6. nice bunyan .. kinda want one now lol. sizing just like normal vis shirt?

    Yep, shoulders are wider but the chest is normal, sleeve is abit tighter on the bicep but more spacious to the wrist.

    Whats nicer is that it has the noragi button closure.

  7. finally ! i think i can get away with size 2 but i dont mind the fit on this. with size 1 i only can fit a shirt under it.


    Lets trade!!

    At last union reply me and destroy my last hope of the slim chino. =(

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