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    People who own shoes with hyperfuse technology (specifically whited based), when the heated transfer/pressed parts of the sneaker along the edges where the outer layer connects with the mesh yellows, is there any going back to that bright white?
    Ex: the areas circled


    I own the white 30th Anniversary Lunar Force 1's and I noticed that the entire mesh area and laces have pretty much just turned yellow.

  2. I'd also recommend this approach. Recently washed a bunch of goretex, polartec, and schoeller garments with Nikwax's tech wash followed by ReviveX spray and they're repelling water just like they should. Don't forget to throw stuff in the dryer between the wash and the DWRing.

    Tried Nikwax spray and it didn't quite worked how I hoped it would. I guess on to the next treatment...

  3. What products do you guys use for reproofing your jackets? I bought the Granger's 2 in 1 wash/reproofer and it's not really doing the trick. Had some rain yesterday and the water didn't bead off the jacket at all. 



  4. Haha that almost happened to my J29!


    Got ripped halfway through on the subway and the only thing I can get my hands on was a band aid so I used that to keep the tag in place. Was going to get that fixed but I forgot about it until you posted that haha. What did you do with yours?

    Nothing, just gonna throw it in the ziplock bag. Doesn't affect the jacket performance wise.

  5. El farrolito is complete shit, I hate when people recommend the place. Chips are terrible, food is mediocre. If I want good non-authentic (but better) mexican food in sf I go to little chihuahua (my personal favorite, not the one in mission) or papalote. 

    I was there in October and I can agree the chips are shit. My girlfriend got nachos and they weren't good. I got the burrito and it was the best burrito I've ever had. I live in LA so I have had my fair share of pretty good Mexican food.

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