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  1. Those cold steel videos are like a peek into an alternative reality where everything in the world has evolved yet everyone still wears armour and carries swords. They speak about the swords as if they're actually going to be used regularly in real fights!

    Even worse: the world has evolved yet those morons think swords are still relevant in the world of self-defense still.

  2. I hate jury duty, it was such a waste of time. Going to the courthouse itself wasn't a waste of time, just the whole process. I sat around for about four hours just to get myself out of having to serve on the jury. Whenever the prosecutor asked me about how I felt about a felon being in possession of a firearm I just said "Oh, you've to ask the brother about felonies?". After that it was just a matter of waiting for them finish speaking with people and selecting the jury :).

  3. Your incompetence in quoting the image right after the OP combined with the phrasing genuinely creeps me the hell out. Like, I'd be afraid if you were near my female friends (0).

    For real, dude would try to Ben Roethlisberger a girl.

  4. People who only like one or two types of music.

    People who think only black people can appreciate rap/hip hop.

    People who say things like "you're such a gangsta" when you say you like Wu or NWA etc.

    People who think one type of music is superior in importance or cultural/musical value.

    That shit isn't even relevant to black people anymore, it's just made to entertain and exploit.

  5. I think it's probably that, there was this one "shift leader" who I never got along with. I never blatantly said anything to her, but there was always tension. I think shes just pissed off that shes a fat, former alcoholic, now bible preaching Spanish trash (no offense) who at 27 is going no further in life than this place, and already has like 3 kids by different guys...

    I also know for a fact she is an illegal citizen, and I could easily get her fucked over by the government. But I wont do that, cause i'm not a piece of shit like her.

    But thanks for the kind words.

    lol sounds like big girl finally has some power and she chose to abuse it.

  6. I hate Fox News. It's on the TV in the guest lounge here at work, it's annoying to hear it most of the day. It's like it's just a political gossip program with a conservative spin.

  7. What do you think of all the African peoples immigrating in? They are fairly dominating on the higher education tip (colleges just take em up and it fills whatever diversity goals they have) while ole skool black peoples left the fuck out.

    Shit a Ethiopian is damn near Indian or Algerian to me.

    Then, what do you think about a Nigerian dude name Ndisi Nkrumah who moved here like 4 years ago talking with a blaccent and telling everyone to call him RayRay?

    We immigrants tend to be more driven, it's not our fault :).

    Some people just try to assimilate into American culture, unfortunately some immigrants do the wrong thing and try to adopt the culture of the inner city. It's funny to see the immigrants talking with a mix of their native and their adopted accent, so I'll say I support it.

  8. do you y'all notice if token black guy is thrown into a tv show to broaden the shows appeal to the black audience? if so does it offend you?

    I notice. It doesn't offend me, I just wish they'd just leave black people out of the show if they're just going to add one brother.

    Do all black women have a switch that turns on their "sass"? I mean, if they speak like educated human beings most of the time, do they all have an inner fat, pissed off, inner city southern bitch just waiting to say "Awww hellllll nawwwww!!" and snap their fingers?

    Tyra Banks made me curious about this.

    No, you can tell when a girl is faking it. You can't fake the sass. Tyra is just doing that to play into stereotypes.

  9. if a noir du is packin 4" does he still think he bigger than a blanc du

    I think the people with little djon djon think they're bigger than every dude, so yeah they probably think that.

    what's with all the fine shorties dating girls now? Today has pretty much killed black girls for me. Bout to be jumping ship.

    don't tell me this is a only Bmore thing.

    In Florida I haven't came across that. I guess you brothers in Baltimore have been slipping haha.

  10. I watched this video on Youtube about some Kat Stacks lady, I hate that girl. She'll try to act like she told someone off after saying some shit like "My baby's father threw me down a flight of stairs then I went and sucked this rapper's dick for a bottle of Grey Goose, that nigga broke and got a little dick!". Girl, if you have sex for some liquor your life isn't too good.

  11. I think this is pretty next level. Although I prefer Popeye's over KFC it's very creative, I must try one.

    http://www.kfc.com/doubledown/ Even has an official countdown, HAHA.


    I've made something like that at Popeyes but without the bacon and cheese. I used to do all kinds of creative stuff at Popeyes when I knew someone working there. I used two breasts they use for sandwiches, some fries, and gravy.

  12. I wonder why half these broads are in.

    It should say why.

    Reason for serving: Domestic Violence against boyfriend.

    I thought that site was fake so I started looking around, on the FAQ it says all the girls are convicted felons and the site isn't responsible for anything that can happen if you end up meeting one of the girls.. I bet some dude is going to end up dating one of the girls for a couple weeks then come home to an empty apartment.

  13. first time using jack3d today in the gym. straight beast mode

    Premax is really good, a little expensive though. I never really got into pre-wo supplements though, they're usually just some b vitamins and a "proprietary blend". I'd rather just have a good meal.

    help me eat better to lose fat.

    what my diet consists of:

    ling ling chicken and lettuce gyoza/pot stickers

    steak - usually a ribe eye accompanied by some small red potatoes chopped up

    chicken thighs - miso-ginger-soy sauce marinated. usually with a little bit of rice

    i usually try to get some shiitake and portabello mushrooms.

    sandwiches - usually a mix of sliced turkey, proscuitto ham slices, salami, a lil mayo and dijon with some mozarella cheese

    i also drink a shit ton of coffee, though i dont think this is bad since i drink it black.

    Eat 5 or 6 meals 2-3 hours apart, find out your nutritional needs, and do some cardio. Personally I'd suggest reading about nutrition, it can really give you more freedom while eating. If you don't you'll just end up eating the same stuff all the time and probably get burnt out.

  14. lol wtf i could have watched pacman hit a punching bag for all that fight was worth

    60 dollars my butt

    The undercard was really bad too.

    feel the exact same way... clottey should of atleast taken more of a risk towards the 11th n 12th round

    He never takes risks.

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