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  1. greetings from Indonesia!
  2. ih 666s or s5000vx 21oz would like a nice slim straight fit..
  3. cop from him, he's a legit seller
  4. this guy's legit, have cop a 634s from him
  5. rad jeans mate
  6. hi anto, really recommended. i was having so much problem with my shipments and customs, and he was always there to help me. looking for another business possibilities in the future time. thanks once again man.
  7. 8 mos,+/- 6 mos effective wear. Massa x LA deluxe, 1 cold soak 1 wash (detergent,salt,vinegar) fit: really pleased with the result. thanks to mr yogo for the amazing work!
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  14. free bump for a legit seller, thanks a lot man!