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  1. Those look awesome! That's the kind of update I miss from this thread, haha.

    Those are actually the SEXFH05, a collab model that predates the BSP.

    They actually are BSP's I fooled a few people a couple years back with the yellow arcs. I decided I didn't like the blue arcs and sew my own yellow ones in instead. They're held up fairly well over the years surprisingly. Thanks for the kind words!! 

  2. They will definitely be washed more frequently, when I bought them I was all about the high contrast fades but have since grown to like the more subtle worn in look (a lot can change in 6 years I guess lol). I'll be sure to post more pictures in the future. 

  3. So I got my IH-666s's a few days ago and absolutely love the fit!  Here are some fit pics post wash. Size 30. My dog wanted in on the fun and then got bored a few seconds later. I can't wait to put some serious wear in these! 





  4. Here are a few pics of my worn caribous... about 10 or 11 months in, washed 4 or 5 times now. Definitely one of the most comfiest pairs of jeans I've ever owned. I wear them from time to time when I don't feel like wearing heavy weight denim and am just lounging at home. Props to Andy for some great denim. I just wish he had a slimmer top block model with a normal sized leg opening, I would buy another pair in a heart beat if that we the case! I still would recommend Andy to anyone that hasn't worn them yet. I even wore these in my engagement photos with my fiance! So they hold a special place in my heart.Thanks for looking. 





  5. Here are a pair of 105BSPs that I bought and wore for a year or two on and off. The only issue I had with these jeans was the low rise and the fact that I sized down 1 or 2 (they were on super sale like 50% off... so I gave them a shot) I powered through them for a while and eventually forgot that I sized down and hot washed them... The stretching back out was a little painful but they're back at a good spot fit wise. They're enjoying a relaxing spot in the closet for now since I have bought a few pairs of other jeans to wear. Enjoy!







  6. So after 6.5 years of ownership I finally got around to posting more pictures of my SE05BSP's (indoor pics so the lighting is not the greatest). I wore these hard for 2 years straight and eventually got tired of the skinny jeans feeling so I put them in a closet and wore them a couple times a year. I still had sentimental attachment to them so when I moved in with my fiance I would still hang them up in the closet as if I would wear them often but never did. My fiance volunteered to wear them since they fit her pretty well and she wants to continue with the memories in them (which I love). They still have plenty of life left in them but wont get worn super hard as she wears them only once a week. This was my first pair of Japanese raws and definitely not my last. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed wearing these! 












  7. After purchasing the incorrect size (31) in a pair of 710s and then re-ordering, going down a size to a 30, I finally have my first pair of Samurais.  Denim was stiffer than I imagined and turning them inside out to hot soak them was incredibly difficult, even more so when they were wet.  Buttoning them up was also very difficult, not because they were that tight, button holes just weren't giving much.  I know it sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm loving these a lot except for a minor hip flare that I'm hoping will go away after a second hot soak.


    Also, I still have the pair in a size 31 for sale if anyone's interested.  Haven't been worn, only hot soaked once.


    The button hole shrinkage was a pain for me too, I think I got some bruises on my thumbs the first few days. They'll eventually stretch out and not be a problem. Hip flare should calm down with more wear as well. 

  8. Looks like I'll be joining the Iron Heart club, ordered a pair of IH-666s from the Selfedge sale. Cant wait for them to get here! I'll make sure to post pics/measurements when I get my hands on them. 

  9. Man, all these pics of the BKB's really make me want to get a pair, never owned a pair of black denim before. We'll see how the 710s turn out, it might make my decision a little easier. 

  10. Exnay the soak, an replace with a wash. Zero point in soaking when washing will take care of all the shrinkage, and you won't have to worry about it down the road.


    Threw em in the wash today, thanks for the advice Brad! 

  11. Looking good foxy! 


    Whats the general consensus on soaking, should I do 2 hot soaks before a hem or will they not shrink that much? Honestly I wouldn't mind a little more shrinkage but if its not worth it I'll just keep wearing them. Let me know what you think! 

  12. Great fit !


    How to sizing for this model ?   :D


    I'm a 30" waist and got a tagged size 29. They did shrink down to a 28" waist after a hot soak but stretched out after a couple of wears. 

  13. Thanks guys! I'm really excited to break these in and get some wear on them. They were pretty tight in the waist (normally a 30) but they're slowly stretching out to be comfy. The buttons holes must have shrunk a little cause buttoning them up was painful but they're getting better. 

  14. Hey all, here are some pre soak/post soak measurements 


    710xx Lot 18 Size 29x36


    Pre Soak Measurements:


    Waist: 15

    Front Rise: 10.5

    Back Rise: 14.25

    Thigh: 11.5

    Knee: 8

    Leg Opening: 7.75

    Inseam: 36


    Post Soak Measurements:


    Waist: 14

    Front Rise: 10.25

    Back Rise: 13.5

    Thigh: 10.75

    Knee: 8

    Leg Opening: 7.5 

    Inseam: 35


    Do you guys think I would benefit from another hot soak? Definitely going to get them hemmed soon! Thanks for looking. 


    Post Soak Pics 









  15. Joined the Samurai club today with a pair of 710xx in size 29. Hot soaked and wearing them a little damp as we speak. Cant wait to see the evo on them! I'll try and get pictures posted in a little. 

  16. Hey, would anyone be able to share some post soak measurements of 1108xx size 29? Trying to decide between these and 710xx. I've tried a search but didn't get any good results and the websites seem to have conflicting data. Thanks!! 

  17. Thanks for the fit pics man! I'm torn between a 28 and a 29... I'll have to do some more measuring before I pull the trigger. 




    Okay so I just remeasured my 105BSPs (straight leg) which fit pretty spot on.


    Waist: 14.5"

    Thigh: 10.5"

    Knee: 8"

    Leg Opening: 8"

    Rise: 9.5" 


    The waist fits well, the thighs have about 0.5" of room to them and the rise is manageable (some times have to pull the jeans down when I sit). I'm leaning more towards the 28's... how much do they shrink under a hot hot soak? I'm concerned the 29's thigh measurement will be too big if they stretch any. 



  18. Got my jeans in a couple of days ago, haven't had time to take a fit pic yet but here's some detailed shots! 











    Overall the top block is a little bit bigger than I was expecting, still love the jeans. Only thing I would change is I should have gotten a 32 length instead of 34 but that can be fixed later.


    Thanks for looking,



  19. Just purchased a pair of 13.5 oz Caribou's in size 29, haven't been active for a few years but am excited to finally get back in it! 


    Anyone know how long it takes to ship to the US? I'll be counting down the days... 




  20. BSP's roughly a year and a half now? I dont really remember I didnt wear em too much over the summer. 1 wash 2 soaks. Belt is an LGC belt with approx 1 year of wear.


    They're ready for another wash though, I spilled some transmission fluid on them and they stank pretty bad now.

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