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  1. i just started actually paying for it, had a homie that lived right behind it so sat on his roof and toked

    still a good deal

    a last time the sec guard was some scrawny guy, du was scared as fuck to come talk to us lol

  2. yeah thats where i wanted to go but we ended up at harkins in moval. i felt like i could of smoked in there cuz hey...its moval lol.

    ha truf, havent been to that one yet

    im thinking about going back

    now need to invite a some douche cuz he has a bigass tahoe

  3. there's probably a few of us behind the orange curtain. i'm 'around' UCI, just not the campus, i work over at the med center.

    paging brainieslpodedeveryallovurrthelab but it is finals so check the library ha

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