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  1. then im even more worried, when i did that my screen went blue for a sec but nothing happened on the tv. maybe the cables to blame... i hope

  2. go to System Preferences..

    select Displays

    go under Arrangement section

    check the Mirror Displays checkbox

    still black :(

    what cable did you use for sound?

    3.5mm mini stereo cable male to male, sound works fine

  3. hey guys im about to fucking explode

    ive been trying to connect my mbp to my sharp lcd with the mini display port to hdmi and a mini stereo jack for audio. the audio works and my comp recognizes the tv but it stays black :-/... Any suggestions?

  4. I just finished Kafka on the Shore, and have previously read A Wild Sheep Chase, and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles. Thinking about reading Norwegian Wood or Hard-boiled Wonderland at the End of the World next time I read some Murakami.

    Any other suggestions?

    did you finish sheep with dance dance dance?

  5. lol... i was also in manila during my break, and saw edmond on an escalator in a mall. was surreal

    i would have freaked, next time time it should be easy to find me. i stick out like 6'4 blasian. Next time ill go on more day trips from here but at least this time i think i set up a solid connect

  6. got a 1/4 myself on newyears day, couple hours after arriving from tokyo. gotta get some photos up, cuz the nugs are absolute fire. probably helps that i had a 2 week break

    shit im still out here from the holidays :mad: coulda had an international meetupp

  7. Shit this is really my territory, on that stoner student jambajuiceslave concept. I personally cant tell the difference between a mango (whether it fresh plucked mango from my neighbors tree or a mango a go go(lol)) high or a normal high. But my sister described something like jeenyus described.

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