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  1. Thanks for the input BF. I was thinking about contacting you :) I saw one fit pic over on the IH forum (JCM I think) and they look great but I can't find many others. The ones on the Heddel site are atrocious lol.

  2. Alright fellas

    I love my 710s (top block nigh on perfect...could lose a little in the thigh but not much) but would like my new denim to have a bit more taper from the knee down. Do Samurai make a jean like that yet or not? If not, anything else I should be looking at?

    Would appreciate the help

  3. WTT: BNWOT Arc'teryx Veilance Field jacket LT size M in black. Looking for an SV Field jacket size L. Odessa green or black preferred. Has to be great condition. Willing to add cash. The M fits me great but could do with more room for layering.

    May be willing to sell the Field LT for the right price but would prefer a trade.


  4. Thanks Vinneus. The half size down Grizzly I have are pretty snug...would rather half size down on the Patrician Hi-Folk and stretch them out (if they stretch) but don't wanna a pair that are going to cripple me for months. Do you own both?

  5. Would love to see this thread take off. Ordering footwear online is an expensive nightmare. Would love to avoid unwanted return costs. Need help with Visvim Patrician Hi-Folk WT sizing. I'm a:


    US10 Yuketen Hunt boot

    US9.5 Clarks Wallabees

    US10 Clae

    US9.5 Visvim Grizzly

    US9.5 Nike Dunk


    UK9 Fracap

    UK9 Adidas Shell toe


    Thanks in advance!

  6. Sorry to shit up the thread with another sizing question but i've looked all over the place and haven't found the answer i'm looking for. Looking to buy a pair of Patrician Hi-Folk Wt and need to know if I should size down a half size like my Grizzly or stay TTS?

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