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  1. So it's that time of year again up here in the Great White North and things are getting a bit nippy. My feet are complaining about the ball freezing temps and I need to shut them up.

    Looking for some nice winter boots, something in the vein of Fiorentini + Baker or maybe some Ann D style combat boots, nothing too chunky. Gotta be lined and gotta be tall (somewhere around 10 or 11 inches from outersole to top). Dark brown or black would be best.

    PM me with info or offers!

    My feet thank you.

  2. Up for grabs is a pair of Dior 19cm MIJ jeans. Bought used two weeks ago. Never worn by me, and worn on and off by previous owner for a month. At size 26 they're just a tad too snug for me. Sizing is rare.

    Looking for $275 USD shipped within NA. International orders PM me for shipping info.

    Willing to trade for the same jeans in a size 28/29.

    Waist: 14.5 in

    Hem: 6.25 in

    Inseam: 34in


    Minor wear on the back pocket.

    Apologies, pics are not mine, but are of the same pair.

  3. Broomroom is trying to get "my" money back trough the package insurance. He also promised to transfer me 50% (minus shipping, though i don't agree with the minus shipping part) on monday. Let's see what happens.

    Also, i had 2 phonecalls with customs they told me that replacing a package never occurs and if it was opened it would have said so on the box. Which didn't happen. The box was sent from orange county so i don't think the transport or customs in the Netherlands did something wrong with it. Yet Broomroom keeps saying he did send me the NDG jacket and don't know what happened.

    If someone has experience with this kind of matter...i would really like some professional advice.

    So is he getting you your money back + 50% of insurance value, or just the 50%? If it's the latter, WEAK.

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