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  1. SuperDepressed (support community)

    ^^wow, just read that link and teared up. can def relate to not being able to live up to your own expectations. mediocrity can be crippling. pretty, athletic, and smart. way more than i got, although i understand how pointless it is comparing yourself. fuckk
  2. Super Duper Awesome Gifs Ever (no porno)

    If I were to guess, Eric the midget (or actor) of Howard Stern, at the viper club?
  3. The WTF are u doing with your life thread

    Given what you know about how life is as a banker, wall st type and their associated lifestyles, what would you enter straight out of undergrad if you were to graduate this coming year (keeping it within the realm of finance). Assuming you aren't a genius and aren't counting on luck, as you mentioned. What career would you go into to maximize happiness, not necessarily money, although they might overlap. I'm graduating soon and have been questioning myself alot. I'm curious what your take is considering you've been in the industry and probably have a much better understanding of life in general.
  4. Jobs

    congrats. boutique or BB? assuming banking?
  5. College Basketball

    ^^LOL I don't mean to direct this at you specifically, but big blue nation is by far the most retarded/annoying fanbase out there. I'm so glad you guys didn't get shabazz. That would be a instant 2xpeat, but now you guys will just be another top 10 team. I like how you compare duke to uk....
  6. Resume/job application advice

    Don't know anything about the PR industry but sounds impressive. gj dude. you go to uchicago?
  7. The WTF are u doing with your life thread

    "aren't you at wharton? how can you have trouble finding work?" hahaha, that statement would definitely have made sense a couple years ago. Banking industry is going through change. Shits rough to say the least. Just going to a top target and getting a decent gpa doesn't cut it anymore (my strategy going into college). If you don't have connections or aren't a rockstar, even harvard kids will have to bust their ass for top jobs.
  8. Anime / Manga

    east of eden
  9. Corny White Girls Appreciation

  10. The WTF are u doing with your life thread

    same boat buddy. i got about 4 more realistic opportunities with alums who might be able to help me out. If i fuck those up..... damn...
  11. Resume/job application advice

    For finance, sounds about right. Being a senior trying to break into finance sucks dick right now. i'm getting crushed
  12. Resume/job application advice

    I've done tons of cold emailing to set up calls/informational interviews. Some people just call directly, but I personally don't do it because it feels a bit weird. With email, you can at least first introduce yourself and let them know what you want and set up a time where he isn't busy. Downside to cold emailing is that these people get tons of emails and oftentimes overlook yours or just don't care. However, if you're very confident and personable, even to a complete stranger, cold calling could be your best bet. Do you have any specific questions about cold calling?
  13. Korny Azn Gurlz

    looks like yooneunhye
  14. The WTF are u doing with your life thread

    what field do you work in if you don't mind me asking? All the kids at my uni are after banking. I'm trying to do research, preferably buyside, but definitely not being picky in this type of economy.
  15. The WTF are u doing with your life thread

    didn't get a return offer from one of the best financial institutions today. pretty bummed, dream opportunity gone just like that. now scrambling to find a FT job in this economy...