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  1. ok since you took the time i will retort.

    here's my shit. smell it. yo i got nothing against fatasses, but why do i gotta come on a cluthin fashion forum and hear some song and dance about some fatso losing weight?1? i don't give a fuck. real truth be told, fat bitchs 9 outta 10 times don't look good. some other fatfuck posted in the noncomment waywt and looked semi decent. so i held my tongue and let him be. kelly fatfucker thought it prudent to relay some sad story about his struggle losing 200lbs or whatever the fuck I AINT KEEPING TRACK. i dun care. dude looks fat and his clothes looks shit on a fat body. that's all. neg rep. take the the ridicule and be fuckin done with it. i dont wanna hear no fatboy excuses or history. you look wack. you fat. you don't dress good for you fat fuckin body. done.

    real fatasses dont give a fuck. they fat. they eat. they drink. they smoke kush. then they eat again. they aint tryin to front on no fashion forum that worships waif skinny asses who walk the run way. that is the standard. abide by it, get rep. defy it in a way that promotes exceptional steez (very difficult, but more props if so). get rep. typically be a fatass who loooks fat and wack gets negged and hated on. cry about it and i put the hit out on ya.

    *yawn* size 38, huh?

    jmatsu was funnier than you


  2. if yall wanna include beer in the discussion then colorado has to be mentioned. best beer culture in the united states hands down period. also, plenty of fine women (in denver/boulder at least), fun nightlife/bars/clubs/ect, and awesome music scene (if youre into electronic, jam bands, blue grass/country, ect). and if you like skiing/snowboarding (sup aznboi?) then look no further

  3. her parents were out of town so we went skinny dipping in their pool. we made out for a while, dry humped, then dried off and went to the basement. i sat down on the couch and she got busy. it was without a doubt the worst blowjob i have ever received to this day. lots of teeth and very little sucking or motion; she pretty much just stuck my dick in her mouth and assumed i would cum. she asked me several times "are you close?" i was not.

  4. Damn, this had so much potential. Like he just need a little more swag. Maybe a sicker hair style. Some bad ass tattoos or accessories and this would have been hipster ironically dope.

    normally i like siotjieut's fits, but not this one...it belongs in this thread

  5. on the quitting weed and dreaming vivid stuff, i wrote this down some time ago:

    i have a lot of weird and vivid dreams, but i like this one in particular that i had a few days ago. i dreamt i was in this alien tropical forest lit up by jellyfish-like plants and a blue moon, i was wading through this swamp, chest-deep, in bare feet with a huge sword held above my head being anxiously afraid of what i would step on, although the ground felt like rock, oddly enough. then i dropped my sword by accident and couldn't find it... i remember walking into one of these plants and it split in half like a gooey yellow glowing ball of blop, straight out of a japanese sci-fi anime. everything was purple.

    do you remember mining for unobtainium?

  6. I really don't know my dude... I realize this is a dating thread as opposed to a marriage counseling thread and sufu is a younger crowd that might not be able to relate to this at all, but I needed to get it off my chest and I don't have any friends I'd want to trust with this...

    i understand needing to get it off your chest, but c'mon man. do some quick risk calculus: is the risk of your marriage ending worth the fuck? only you can really answer this, but she would have to be one HELLUVA fuck.

    semi-related question: do you and the wife have kids together?

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