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  1. This is her, but she looks like a middle-schooler in this pic:


    They even have t-shirts of her for god-sake:


    Where does these tees come from? look like they are copying QUOLOMO

    Even the Nat in the box copied from fuck in a box if i am not wrong

  2. Just tried the UMC 09, I'm not really impressed. First, they have only 17 cut, not 19.

    I belive, and judging by the pics too, that Luisaviaroma are wrong when they say that their UMC is 19cm, unless the wash is availible in 19 and 17, which I highly doubt.

    The fabric is way too stretchy for my liking, they felt like some Diesel 61E with 3% of elasthan that I tried 2 years ago.

    The wash remains cool, but not as cool as the 07 UMC IMO (but I've seen only pics of the 07).

    The good thing is I can spend the 355€ somewhere else.

    Here are some crappy phone pics for those who are interested, on the pics this is sz 29 (the 28 was really tighy on the tigh, but not much on the waist), for reference, I'm 27 in MIJ Raw, and 28 in Waxed MIJ.



    I went to the NYC dior on 5th avenue on saturday and they had the UMC 09 in 19cm. So i think they'll have it in Paris in no time. Damn now that i think about I think i should have tried on a pair of 17.5 to see how they fit on me.

    Should i wear my Dior 19cm Raw with a slim wallet?

    Hey ch3n207 that's great news, I'm gonna wait for the 19cm model to see how it looks :-)

    MOAR Pics....of the 19 cm and 17 cm...rep given

  3. that 'verbally bullied in hong kong' youtube is reminiscent of most of the best lookers here. They are at their best when in photographic form.

    angelababy is thin and flat as a two-dimensional rail. she makes kate bosworth look like kim kardashian


    Even after this clip??? I still take angelababy with or without a boobjob

  4. I believe totally epic had a pair of size 27 raws. Or maybe he was selling them? But in that case there were probably measurements in the thread if you wanted to dig it up.

    They look fine though if you want a straight leg like that. I wouldn't worry about it. Or you could taper if you really wanted.

    Silver Selvage comes in indigo and black, 19 and 21cm cuts.

    Haven't seen the new UMCs in person but I will soon and let you guys know how they compare to past seasons.

    yeah give us a honest take on the UMC 09, anyway whats your take on the waxed lustre 08/09... Is waxed dior jeans way to go or just a fad now?

  5. Need help here guys.......

    does the UMC 09 looks promising ? or which one of the new season should I look out for?

    Anyway wax jeans is still a good thing or what? I am thinking about the Lustre 08/09

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