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  1. fiberock0529-tit1.jpg

    This is not bad of an alternative to Sebastien Clay.

    Sebastien Clay is kinda heavy and this samourai have different modes to suit different hair.

    I have been using hair products as long I can remember, let it be UNO, Spice Sisters, Loreal, Gatsby, Lucido, American Crew, Bed Head etc. I like to try out different brands.

  2. I was 13 and was crossing the street when suddenly a scrambler hit me and flunk me onto the cross junction. A car crossing the junction screeched and braked like just inches away from my head. I nearly ended my life journey there if he didnt brake fast enough. Well the sad part is, the driver of the car came out to check on his vehicle instead of me and the scrambler guy stared at me angrily and drove off. I stood up and checked myself into a hospital for a dislocated shoulder. Fuck humanity....thats the ugly side of humans.

  3. Hmm where do I start?

    Was having the usual sex with the FB. All was good until I changed from missionary to dog style....I was humping halfway until I noticed a tiny piece of toilet paper stuck to her asshole. Really turned me off. I died down slowly with her asking me "whats wrong, u dun like it?" constantly. Of course I said no...nothing wrong..its me I am tired. Awkward moments of silence continues....never finished it and that night was supposed to be PIITB night. LOL

  4. seriously thinking of getting a blazer cus with that blazer (+100 to korean looks), i look more like a typical korean star (*thinking of all the pussies I can get), just thinking of what opportunities can i get to wear them. lol

    PS. I already dun look singaporean...


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