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  1. Based on this pic

    1)I like to fuck

    2)I will think about it


    4)looks like wife material (someone who looks like a nice housewife)

    5)when I am drunk

    6)Hell yeah in the ass yo!

  2. guys who are not getting girls here are either 1 of these:

    1) not socially active and I mean exposure to womenz is very little

    2) never got it started, spend too much time/effort on jawnz

    3) EQ is low

    4) low self esteem

    5) treat women like god

    stop posting and get on with your life....look through your phone and give all the pussies in there a SMS asking them out, have a coffee/ a meal/ hang out at mall.

    How old are you 6&7? I dun think its too late for you

  3. How tall are you?

    Can anyone tell me UMC 17.5 cm is it difficult to buy? I mean is it only sold in certain places? And how big of the difference in thigh area from 19cm? or its just 19cm tapered more at the knees to below?

    PS: I have never tried 17.5cm....shit dun sell in my place

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