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  1. [] A: Money

    [] B: Money

    [] C: Big dick and money

    Please check only one box

    That's what I'd expect too, but I don't really think any of that applies to most guys out here. I think girls just don't have any better options. There are an obscene number of hot girls out here just chilling with complete douchebags. I'm married, but someone please come out here and just run through these bitches. Needs to happen.

  2. Guy in the store right now:

    White von Zipper new era, bill rolled up

    Gauged earrings

    Skin tight green longsleeve thermal, nautical start screenprint

    Baggy lightwash jeans, some Millers Outpost shit

    Reef sandals

    Pretty good looking girl with him.

    what the fuck is this all about.

  3. You know, with as many perps that have been caught, you would think they'd think of some other line then "13? No way, she said she was 27" or "I know I said I wanted to spray her down with palmolive and act out a rape fantasy, but I wasn't really going to have sex with her"

    The younger guys are always the funniest. Especially the ones with hella attitude.

  4. I'm up 'till at least 2am, then back up at 7 or 8. Bought some sleeping pills from Costco, but was a mess the next morning. Felt super hung over and worthless, even with 8 hours of sleep. Ambien CR is absolutely the truth, you just gotta commit to getting in bed and letting it work. Regular Ambien is intense if you don't let yourself fall asleep. I literally remember nothing from the previous night. Fun, but sketchy as fuck.

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