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  1. vir2L


    @soundbomber welcome back bro, haven't seen you since the good ol' days of sufu
  2. vir2L


    Ah yes, Errolson is quite a character
  3. vir2L


    Since you did your edit today, I can safely assume that it wasn't you camping the entrance yesterday afternoon praying that they open. Whoever that was, you better be glad he opened the store for you out of remorse lol... congrats on the size M. For everyone wondering what they have in stock, they still have the black J47TS-GT and both cws of the P23A-S. White J47s and NG9s are gone, NG8s are still in stock and I think the P27-DS. Forgot what else. The J47TS is going to be 2280 + shipping. Yes, for Cali residents, that's around ~2.5k after taxes. Shoutout to the stores that reduce VAT
  4. vir2L


    You're confusing "pre-Nike influenced" Acronym with "post-Nike influenced" Acronym; customer service isn't their priority anymore and they couldn't care less about nitpicking the proper HTS classification. Also some tips since you just joined last year (this goes for all you Acronym greenhorns): 1) Whenever it's a seasonal global release, it's always cheaper to buy from select vendors and boutiques. Obviously bags are only sold from acrnm.com but I've posted the list in this thread and it's been reposted before. Before you ask... No, there isn't a single vendor who's the best for all Acronym products (Firmament was king on certain pieces but Bureau has been really good too). Acrnm.com falls around 2nd-4th place if there is no customs charges. It used to be the worst for US when the De Minimis was set at $200, luckily it was raised to $800 two years ago. It's up to you to do your due diligence and figure out what works best. If you can't cop because you can't run page monitors, that's on you. Also, a majority of the sites run Shopify so if you're a sneakerhead, you're already at an advantage. *wink wink nudge nudge* 2) You can't always negotiate with the brokerage office and get 7.1% rate for all of the products. They have common sense so you will need to be aware of which codes you're using. You can keep calling and hopefully get an agent that will let you pass but it's always been luck of the draw in regards to what they won't do. 3) If you REALLY, really don't want to pay for any customs/tariffs/duties at all, just dropship it to a different country and have it reshipped with values marked down severely. This took a ton of my time and money to experiment with what works best so I can't divulge any more than that. Also, don't dropship to Canada. I was misled when a few of you guys paid no fees whatsoever then UPS came and charged me some fees only to find out it's "HST". Adding HST is not 0% to me... but that's a part of doing trial-and-error so I learned my lesson. After all is said and done, I no longer deal with random bullshit charges and I only pay what I know I'm going to pay. Good luck!
  5. vir2L


    Oh I forgot, you guys operate differently with HST.
  6. vir2L


    Since when?