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  1. Why would you want to alter what is already perfection?
  2. 3. Be size L or XL so you can be asleep on the day of release and still walk away with 5 jackets, 4 shirts, and 3 pairs of pants
  3. How is it dead? A majority of these lackluster pieces sat before and now they all sold out. Modulars are a no-brainer. Hype is going to be alive and well once FW17 drops, especially a certain jacket which shall not be named. Edit: If that was sarcasm, you got me.
  4. Colette is closing down after 20 years... guess we won't see that J1A prototype after all.
  5. Shh
  6. No comparison, the KMTRs are a lot more rigid. It's more of a put-on-and-go for a quick outing kind of shoe than anything (i.e. beaters) In terms of comfort, Nike has absolutely nothing in their lineup that can hold a candle to Adidas' boost. Especially if the shoe in question is the EQT Support Future 93/17. (EQT > Ultra Boost > Yeezy Boost/NMD) I've owned my fair share of shoes from both brands and I just recently sold my Vapormaxes because I got tired of it squeaking.
  7. No, but it went live at 1:30 PM EST, sold out at 1:32 PM.
  8. Edit: Which hat? Bucket or cap? I got both.
  9. Edit: Found out more about you than I needed to know. Feel free to continue judging me. I will reserve mine.
  10. The sheet without the bag is like peanut butter without jelly. Was this ad hominem spiel really necessary? It's not about "experiencing life" and forgetting something so trivial like the ziploc and bag, it's about not getting what you paid for. I don't have time for social media and I only buy doubles of jackets I really like (this wasn't one of them), so next season is going to be several "round the world tickets". Do they have the bag as well and was this an online purchase? I always avoid KITH because most of their online orders come in late so they tend to be on the floor first and worn before they sell it online.
  11. WTS J61-WS Size Small - never worn $975 shipped ($30 less than what I bought it for) Just got this from KITH and I wish someone gave me the heads-up that they don't include tech sheet and bags or maybe I missed the memo but I sent them an email requesting for confirmation. Pics available upon request but it's seriously just the jacket in a clear plastic bag covered with two pieces of cardboard. Extremely disappointed when I opened the box. I would prefer not to return this because KITH does not issue refunds, only gift cards. If no one purchases this by May 31st, I'll bite the bullet and get the gift card. Every Acronym piece I own is a full pack so this has absolutely no place in my collection.
  12. I just got the J48-H&M in gray melange instead. Unfortunately, instead of "95% CO, 5% EL", I get "74% CO, 20% PES, 6% VI" and I can't fully zip the hood to cover my face à la Bape but I think I can manage.
  13. 62 and 63 are live yo
  14. First off, how tall are you? Height is a very big deal with these pants since they are extremely baggy. All the retailer pics look terrible because these pants aren't aesthetically pleasing. It's seriously just a standard cut pant and there's zero details that evoke the "oohs and aahs" that other Acronym pants do. Honestly, I feel like the only people who copped this piece are the ones who missed out on the P24A-S from last season. The predecessor just looks so much better with the extra pockets. I think you're better off saving your money and getting a P10 piece as your first Acronym pant. It's a safe bet and it looks good. The taper allows for a cleaner silhouette and the mobility is second to none with the articulation and gusseted cuffs (i.e. extra details that make the P24-S an even worse buy). For the majority of us who like the baggy look, we already have the P16-S and P20-S to fit that role, which once again, trivializes the P24-S. But if you're the type of guy to spend $650+ and have pants that look like baggy Dickies, be my guest. Edit: If you still want to give these a try and you're size S, keep an eye out on Notre. Black sz S will restock by next week at the latest. Other sizes (especially for RAF Green) are just sitting so it shouldn't be hard to find them on the other retailers.
  15. A light just went off in my head and I knew it was the same person. You really love that saying don't you?