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  1. where can I find this?
  2. Word, yeah I seen few of his movies. Watch "Brother" , I think it's a better flick..if you are into Yakuza movies.
  3. what you think?
  4. I tried to find it too but no luck. let me know if you find it first. thanks
  5. For sale vintage YSL 16 32/33 shirt. 8/10 I must say it's in good condition. 25$ shipped anywhere in USA.
  6. 38R vintage YSL made in France blue jacket. It's almost perfect, don't know what year. 100$ shipped anywhere in US. Paypal only.
  7. Episode 12 Earlier Watched : <br> Been sick for last few days, stayed home and watches a lot of movies / documentaries. Chase scene through my old neighborhood , North End Boston brought back memories.
  8. lol that's fucking funny. Dude can shoot though!
  9. How was it?