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  1. -Low bat on cellphone and no charger

    -Locking myself out

    -The sudden need to take a shit

    -Drunk people when I'm not drunk

    -Spilling a glass/bottle and having to clean it up

    -Being bored

    -Not being able to say exactly what you mean




    -Constant need of money :(

    and a lot more I suppose

  2. I think it will be pretty much the same as last season, i mean with the top 4, in any order.. man u didn't start as they did last year, as they don't have ronaldo on the pitch yet. And all the commotion with ronaldo unhappy with the real-transfer makes me think that he won't do as good as he did previous season, regardless how proffesional he is. He was/is an invalueble asset to uniteds success, not that they hadn't won anything before he came along, but at current status, alot rests on him, deny it or not. I don't see them winning CL this year, not BPL either.. yet... it's a shame though, because I <3 man u ;)

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