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  1. Ann Demeulemeester White and Purple Printed Aura Shirt. Size Large. New with Tags. Material is 90% Rayon, 10% Cashmere. MSRP is $380.

    Asking for $100

    Price includes domestic Priority shipping and all applicable Paypal fees.

    Pit-to-Pit = 21.5"
    Length from back of collar = 32" - It features a scalloped hem, with the back longer than the rest as seen in one of the fit pictures.


    I'm not active here, but I'm a regular over at SF with many successful transactions.






  2. ^^ agreed. She has a bit of a following and I know she gets money thrown at her to blog. Her being fat probably makes her somewhat more accessible to people who don't know shit about fashion etc. I saw her at bourke street bakery last week actually


    She looks like that one goofy movie critic for some website. Vague description, but if you know who I'm talking about, you'll see it, they're basically twins.

  3. and whats with all the hate on LUPE. who doesnt like rap involving social justice and equality, haha

    Listen to some of his mixtapes. Dude raps about more gangster shit in a real way than most gangster rappers. Check his Sittin Sideways freestyle for a good example.

  4. as far as the demon swag goes, I like it minus the rape imagery. Can we blame the Witch House dudes for this? Granted they stole it from southern horrorcore. They've been doing it since 2007 and they definitely upped the aesthetics of it. .

    Are you labeling horrorcore as southern in origin? If so, I'll take umbrage with that statement considering most of those dudes during the peak of it came from NY, Detroit and the Bay.

    Fuck if I know anything about Witchhouse though.

  5. mane fuck a comparisons

    inb4 this is horrorcore

    its not

    I don't care what Tyler says about it on twitter, but they definitely have similarities to horrorcore. Rapping about devil worshiping, raping women, copious amounts of drug use and all other assorted deviant behaviors over grimey beats is pretty much the definition of horrorcore.

    That being said, OFWGKTA is dope.

  6. Busted a girl's cherry last night and left my sheets stained with blood. I thought now that I'm well into my late-20's this crap wasn't supposed to happen anymore. I don't have the patience for such amateurism anymore.

  7. Woops, sorry I meant SOME asians are ashamed of being asian. Not you. As the ones that are, they tend hang with majority white groups., then some date white women/men to gain acceptance and praise within the group.. I knew someone that use to say "Why would you want to be asian" when she herself was..

    I knew a chick like this in college. I'm half Asian and when she met me, she basically poured her soul out to me that I gave her hope that if she had a son he wouldn't be cursed to be a geeky Asian guy. I couldn't do anything else but nod hesitantly and mutter "thanks" while trying to extricate myself from her presence.

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