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  1. Pieces are cunts, don't go there - they won't let you in if you aren't Chinese and don't look rich and tasteless. 


    It's funny 'cause it's true. 


    I would be half-tempted to spend my money there if I could see what the hell I was looking at, and if they were't passing off 3-season-old stock at full retail.


    And ffs, build a gd website.

  2. The Gretz has opened on Enmore Rd, a small bar by the Hartsyard team. Has anyone been yet?


    I walked past the other night and it looks pretty good. There are few nice bars in that area now: Midnight Special, Stinking Bishop, Earls, Bloodwood.

  3. The same way Pieces has to sell Mastermind.


    But I hear you on the physical store. It's terrible. Such a waste. There was a whole rack of Isaac Sellam which couldn't even be reached because it had piles of shit in front of it. It would be less of an issue if there was a web store, but there's not...


    Well there is this http://piecesydney.com/ but the domain isn't even spelt right.

  4. That's a shame, I went when they opened last year and the meal was excellent. Would you say it was the quality of the meals or just the combinations that let it down? 


    There were two or so dishes that just didn't hit the mark, which at that price is too many. The quality was more or less there, but I think it was more the concept of the dishes which fell flat. 


    As for burgers, I think Mary's does the best burger in Sydney. Get the Mary's burger with the trashcan bacon. And now that they've opened a take-away joint on Castlereagh it makes things easier for people who live out of the inner west.


    I've tried burger project a few times, and the American Cheeseburger is really good. They are definitely doing a better job now than when they first opened. And the price is right.


    For ramen I like Gumshara, and I also like the black garlic ramen at Ikkyu.


    For beers I always head to camperdown cellars on Kingston (my local). They always have a massive selection of craft beers, and it rotates often. The guys are also very knowledgeable. I've been to Beer Cartel and can highly recommend it. It's a shame it's so far away from me. 

  5. Anywhere new and exciting to eat? My routine for the last 12months has been, hartsyard, porteno

    , momofuku.


    Check out Russo and Russo on Enmore rd. Been up for two years now, I think. It's not ground breaking or experimental, but its fucking good food, good drinks and good digs. 


    And if you're in the Inner West, Oscillate Wildly and Sixpenny are definitely worth a look.  

  6. FS: Rick Owens Blazer - Black size 50
    Purchased from Seven, but it's not my cup to tea. Guess that's why I've never owned a Rick blazer...

    Fits in line with Rick mainline sizing, so best for a 48.

    RU14S1751 W 09 BLACK

    53% New Wool 47% Rayon

    Retail was 991 EUR, I paid 553 EUR after discounts.

    PRICE: 500 EUR plus shipping and paypal


    rick_suit_j1_193d3ae1-46f7-4305-be7e-120 rick_suit_j1_1_438d5b8e-380f-43bc-8151-3 rick_suit_j1_3_28d35d52-2713-4232-9c36-9

    Pictures are courtesy of Seven.


  7. FS: Drkshdw - Black Poplin Worker Jacket sz M
    Purchased from Grey Market, but I have a couple of other Worker Jackets and this one isn't getting any wear due to the padding.
    • Like new
    • 100% Cotton
    • Fits 48, long in the sleeves like all rick
    • I paid $600USD
    Yours for $400USD >> $350USD + shipping
    I've taken a few pics of the jacket. Excuse the early morning blue light, I assure you the jacket is pitch black.
    The measurements are as follows:
    • Shoulder: 44cm
    • Pit: 50cm
    • Sleeve: 72cm
    • Length: 68cm
    Same as this:


  8. I just received this from The Office, but it's just too big for my liking. I can return it for a store credit, but thought I would offer it up here first.
    It's brand new with tags and comes with rice bag and hanger.
    I paid $5,240AUD and am willing to give a slight discount to the buyer. I will also cover express shipping costs. The real deal is you don't have to wait 6 months to get it!
    Measurements when lying flat:
    Chest: 49.0cm
    Shoulder: 43.5cm
    Sleeve Length: 71.0cm


  9. fs: Rick Owens - Converse Style Sneakers sz [44]

    I bought these from a member here and they are as new, never worn. I've just received them and unfortunately they are a shade too small for me. This version has the saw-tooth sole with the staples at rear.

    I paid over $800AUD but I need a quick sale so will entertain serious offers.

    code: RU 8877

    Ousole: 31cm

    price: aud $800AUD Shipped OBO


    2NIyps.jpg rl6Iis.jpg JIczPs.jpg RC85js.jpg

  10. ^ big call! personally i think le monde on foveaux street is the best, both in terms of their baristas (insane knowledge) and the beans they source. i had major withdrawal when i stopped working nearby.

    Yeah, but I like my coffee low fuss, and that includes not heading to Surry Hills haha. The caveat is that my recommendations don't apply for take-away, gotta have it there.

    As for breakfast, the bacon and egg roll with chilli jam from 'Toast' in Surry Hills is freakin amazing.

  11. Both items are brand new with tags and ship from Sydney, Australia. Price included paypal, domestic shipping is free, $20AUD for international postage ($50 express).

    FS: Label Under Construction - Fly Yarn Trapezium Pant Skirt sz 48

    These are brand new, never worn. Skirt-shorts cut in the shape of a trapezium which wear in a surprisingly organic way. Classic LUC fly yarn material is a perfect balance of texture and weight. Slit pockets complete this great piece. From Luca Laurini’s Label Under Construction Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

    Retails for over $640AUD

    Season: Spring/Summer 2012

    Code: 19FXGM124

    Colour: Blue-Black – 19/96

    Material: CO120

    Size: 48

    Price: AUD $420 >>> $380 >>> $350

    thumbs_img_2348.jpg thumbs_img_2337.jpg thumbs_img_2340.jpg thumbs_img_2346.jpg

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342