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  1. Good ole Patek Philppe Calatrava, 52 baguette diamonds (~2.27 ct.) and with one diamond (~0.02 ct.)

    Buckle set with 16 baguette diamonds (~0.44 ct.) all day. The leader and most oldest watch maker ever. Step it up!

  2. 501 1947 deadstocks are hard to get but, you can call the; well, hell no i can't give out this info it's too much. If you want to know then send me a message and if your real loyal to the 47's i will tell you how to do it!!!!

  3. thanks CS, yeah ive been to Dosa twice, its pretty close to Aslam's Rasoi. but personally i dont really like Dosa at all, Aslam's is so much better imo. if you havent been there, i highly recommend it!

    Go to Lahore Karahi on 612 O'farrell street between leavenworth and hyde. Get the Chicken vindaloo, it's fire. Homeboy G is always cooking and shows nothing but love in his food (no Mexicans cooking Indian ffod) he has hella awards and before i left for Europe last year he got best of the bay award. This is one of those places us natives tried to cherish but with all the gentrification in our beloved SAN FRAN, i got to be the first on here to give up this info. Any other questions just ask. Once again i should charge for the hidden super gems i have under my belt.

  4. i checked out sfstation...but tell me what you do on Tues/wed/thurs/fri nights? gonna be in SF the 9-13th. let me know where to go to have some drinks (i.e. get drunk and run around), hear some music, etc.

    GRAB an SF weekly or a Guardian there on every corner almost the Weekly is a bit more accurate. This is free and will tell you bout something going on every night and is categorized by genre of music. There is also concerts and art exhibits.

  5. And grubstake of course and video cafe which is 24 hours and the newer nan and curry near union square, or the lucky penny. Osha til 3 or 4 or Yuck the pine crest or the spot right around the corner which is like light weight poshy for late night food and expensive but really good. Near the lori's diner. Damn i forgot the name.

  6. Apartment hunting in SF is rather tricky, you can go through city apratments, which everyone hates them cause they go to buildings a supposedly gut them and then raise the rent way to much. The actuality is they only do patch ups and re paint a place, and the rent inflation isn't worth what they raise the price to. My suggestion to you is good ol' craigslist, otherwise just hit the town in your desirable neighborhood and look for a "for rent sign" that is black and orange for rent writing, i learned that most of the time these are owners or someone who wants to sublet. These are your best deals cause these people aren't gonna charge you these silly fee's and extra deposits. Tenant and future tenant laws in SF are ver ver very hardcore they protect the Tenant big time, so don't fall for the triple deposit the law in sf says you can only charge either first or last months rent and the deposit. So don't be a victim. Hope this is helpful to all. Damn i should charge for this info!!! But my love for home(SF) is too large so i try to spread it. You all can thank me once i'm back in town in October, cause right now i am living in Amsterdam. peace ya'll

  7. there is a place right after ceasar chavez's on the right side if your coming from market, i believe it's now called la taqueria its near the San Jose taqueria it's the best hands down. Homeboy who owns it has hella awards it keeps being voted best burrito by locals ( the people who really know the city) and the line is out the door always. The Burrito's there are AMAZING! I am a SF/Eastbay Native and trust me ya'll this place is really really good! Get back at me and let me know what you think. I know SF inside out so if anyone has more questions just ask!!!!!!

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