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  1. It's not camo -- I believe it's just how the fabric looks like due to it's "stainless-steel yarn makeup / solar-selective coating". If you go to the link CARLOOA pasted above (, you'll see a few images of the fabric that closely resembles what we see on the J1A proof-of-concept.
  2. Take some high-res pictures! The image provided on their site is small... I want to see what this fabric looks like up close. Maybe it's just the lighting but it sort of looks like woodland camo lol
  3. Google translation (if there are any French experts, maybe they can provide a more accurate interpretation): Out of season Jacket Thermaltech x ACRONYM (R (Münich) Self-heating fabric x sportswear jacket Outerwear in transparent khaki mesh, metallic coated with solar panel technology, to stay warm without battery or electric wires. Prototype (about 1500 €)
  4. If you have the J36, keep it.
  5. ^ Grabbed one. Thanks for the heads-up.
  6. I know people here were speculating some of ACR's future implementations of GORE-TEX would utilize SHAKEDRY™ tech... North Face's description above from one of their HyperAir jackets uses keywords that could hint that these J6X-PB jackets use some upgraded iteration of SHAKEDRY.
  7. What does PB stand for? EDIT: Nvm, according to the FB group, it's a placeholder name and stands for the factory it's being produced in.
  8. Still looking for (all size M): - J53TS-GT - J43A-GT - J46-WS
  9. Yeah... Wish I could say the same for Canadian customs. Most things (adult pants/jackets/shirts), despite the material, seem to generally get taxed 15% - 18%. I hope someone can prove me wrong.
  10. WTB: J53TS-GT (Size M)
  11. Looks like E was sitting on this footage since last summer. If I was him, I would've been itching to release this vid asap (so good).
  12. East end Canada, but I got my shipping notification this afternoon. Yours will probably come in a bit (or check your junk/spam mail).
  13. I thought the look was more inspired by old samurai armor. Call me crazy, but the hood and TS chest looks like the helmet and chest plate. Don't get me wrong though, I personally like it and got one for myself.
  14. 3RDARM/Mods up on
  15. The crotch drop on the P25's are too severe for my liking... I mean, I love baggy, but not looks-like-you-have-a-soiled-diaper baggy.