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  1. I looked into it for Canadian customs. Most types of jackets (in fact, most of ANYTHING) seem to have a 17/18% tax, so no luck for us. Not a tax professional so I can't guarantee this, but doing a quick skim through some online documentation led me to this conclusion.
  2. "This is why we can't have nice things"
  3. I'm sure someone here can EU-proxy for you (actually, there was someone who offered in the Acronym thread). On that note, I'd like a few to mod some stuff I have. If anyone can proxy, please message me as well.
  4. Don't tease us like that
  5. Waiting for this
  6. I personally don't use it but I do think the buy/ask system for sneakers is a pretty cool gimmick (for lack of a better word)
  7. Yeah... it's just getting worse. Every time I refresh the Grailed ACR search, there's someone new selling something with an even more absurd price that one-ups the ones before. I feel like I'm witnessing history.
  8. Yup, in theory, but as you mentioned, there will always be exceptions However, those teenagers with thousands of dollars (mommy/daddy money, no doubt) are still just one-in-many. Most of those kids in line fit the "casual streetwear kid" archetype and are trying to buy into the hype, and have much smaller pockets. They're in line because they can't afford resell and can only afford retail Sup products < $150 - $200. Back in the day when it was possible to grab a decent Sup item online within the first 5 minutes of a drop, I remember the higher-priced jackets would sit untouched for a decent amount of time. I attributed that pattern to the above. In any case, let's say these teenagers shift and decide to divert their thousand-dollar funds to purchasing ACR for the purpose of re-selling. Who's going to be buying them... the common streetwear kid can't afford $3K - $4K ACR resell jackets. Sure, a couple of rich folks will take the bait and buy a few... but the mentality for the general populace who buy into the idea of "streetwear" just can't justify spending that much on one item. The general, smaller populace who buy into the idea of "luxury wear" is a different story (but I'm specifically talking about the streetwear market, which I assume most people associate ACR with). But yeah, still all speculation. Just my $0.02. We'll see what happens in real life
  9. One good point a friend made to me as to why ACR may never reach the the exact same levels of hype we've seen Sup reach in the past few years is due to it's high barrier-to-entry for the common streetwear casual. The retail price points are well above-average for ACR products (not to mention the even higher price points for resold ACR), so it's much harder for a mass population of streetwear fanatics to "hop on board" so quickly. Unless you're making good money, you really have to save some dough and invest in an ACR piece. Sup is much closer to the "fast-fashion" demographic of the common streetwear kid. Unless ACR changes its production and availability strategy and starts churning out large amounts of cheaper quality/cheaper product, I don't think the tables are going to turn anytime soon.
  10. Sell it to me just not for 3.5K
  11. Do you remember seeing any 3A modulars for S/S 2017? Thanks for the inside scoop.
  12. Should have known the idea of "detachable" components would be uniquely interpreted, designed, and implemented by him Thanks @dsxero @chaosen for the prompt reply.
  13. Anyone know how the GT-J29A's detachable sleeves work? Does it use snap buttons, zipper, velcro, etc.? Thanks in advance.
  14. Nothing "tech" about this, but didn't know where else to leave it #stoneisland24kmagicintheair
  15. Have an E-J23 (RAF) that I want to mod since I have to fix it anyways (due to another issue... so I might as well go all in!). I want to make one of the sleeves (just half of it) detachable, so I can freely choose to give the jacket a similar look to the J36-GT (RAF) when I want to. Thinking of an effective solution that wouldn't be too costly to implement... any recommendations? I'm thinking of adding snap button holes to the inner part of the edge of the half-sleeve (attached to the jacket), and snap buttons to the outside of the detachable half-sleeve (separated from the jacket). I'm thinking I may have to sew on additional fabric to the detachable half-sleeve and then add the snap buttons to make sure the length of the entire sleeve isn't altered when I put it together. Can anyone think of an easier solution that's just as effective?