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  1. so. its probably the first time i sell some stuff here on sufu, but i bought something in the past year or so; right now i cant remember the names of the sellers, but i can find them if u ask me.

    both the items are located in milan, italy, and should u need them i can give you more detailed pics. for the shipping costs youd better tell me where you are, because there are so many ways to ship the packages that its pretty useless to give u an estimate without further infos. ah, btw, offers are well accepted after a week. of course tell me if the items are sold new for an inferior price.

    Nike x Fragment Design All Court Premium Leather - 120€

    i think you know these better than me, never (ever) used, size US12. with box, if you want it. what else? the pics.



    other pics: Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Henrik Vibskov Hunter Shorts - 75€

    size L, worn two or three times, well and that's really it. they perfectly a W33/34 but can also adapt to a W36.



    other pic (with real colours): Pic 1

  2. guys, a part from the infinite shame this new sufu is, i see the icons of the threads where i posted as if they are locked. and it is annoying, since i was like "HOLY CRAP THEY LOCKED WAYWT" and no, you actually didn't.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342