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  1. Broke up with my gf of a year and a half today. We had lots of plans for our future, but her current situation meshed with all her daddy issues kind of burned me out about the whole thing. Feel really bad, but it was for the best and we've decided to remain friends even though I'm moving in a month.

  2. government travel.


    this bullshit.


    they make you return to the duty station you depart from, you cant simply put in the air port that you would like to return to after training/work is over. you can only change it after you make reservations. they make you buy the cheapest option when you originally buy your tickets to and from training sites. government pays for so thats fine, but if you want to change you have to pay the "difference" in tickets.


    a ticket will be 250 to return when you book, cheapest like i said (one way too, not even cheap, the hell) but the "lowest" price on return flights when looking to change are 700-800, mind this is just a one way ticket. today i was told that my only option if i didnt want to fly to new york, stay the night, and then buy a ticket to go to atlanta and then back to new york was to pay 600 to change my flights. obviously i repeated what travel agent said in "snarky, ungrateful tone" and she has the nerve to get all sassy. like the fuck. bunch of crooks. i called united air lines and explained the situation and they changed my flight for 160. the fuck. took 10 minutes and no sass. it still cost me 160 cause government refuses to let you just change return flight, as if its hard or makes any difference. i hate pulling military card cause i dont do shit really, just go to school working to be an officer or whatever, but i know they do this to other people too. its stupid.

    Flights are already insanely cheap for what you're getting, but i do agree their change fees are pretty absurd. Stuffing as many people they can on earlier flights just frees up more people they can charge for change fees later. 

  3. Me- "are you sure you want me to go meet up with them?"

    Her - " yeah jxxxx and Kxxxx are meeting me at the other bar."

    Me- "ok, text me when you want to meet back up."

    *proceeds to text me and talk trash about her friends the whole time they're hanging out while I'm off drinking and having fun with my friends*

    Her- "guess you just don't like me hanging around with your friends. Do they hate me? Why couldn't I hang out with you guys instead of you ditching me with Jxxxx and Kxxxx (her two best friends)"

  4. Formerly Charly's jacket. 


    Seems like a slightly shortened 49


    Sleeve - 25
    Pit to Cuff: 18.25

    Chest (pit to pit) - 21
    Shoulder width -17.25
    Length (bottom of collar to hem) - 26


    I'm 6' 195lbs in the pictures. Unless you have really lanky arms it should fit you fine. My arms are a bit longer, but the 25in sleeve fits perfectly. 




    Paypal ONLY. Sent as GIFT or add 4%. CONUS. 





  5. Stay up dovo.

    Realized that I'm forcing myself into a quarter life crisis for no reason. Ive made a decent career choice and just need to stick with it. Just gonna suck being poor until I'm 30, but it's hard to beat how simple my job is/will be. Hours just suck, but the pay will come.

  6. Realized how sick I've been of pretty much everyone I know and where I live. Get to travel a lot with work, but when I come home I just don't want to be there. A friend/coworker and I are talking about picking up and moving to Brooklyn for a change of scenery. Really looking forward to see what comes of it. Just doing some preliminary planning now

  7. Currently working for a company doing mapping over cities. Pretty damn boring, but I have an awesome schedule (basically work 6 months out of the year), make salary, and get to travel all over. It's too easy of a job for this early in life though. Cant decide whether I want to go to the airlines or go back to school for some type of engineering.

  8. I'm tired of putting forth alot of effort to do things for and hang out with my friends when they won't do them in return. Just gonna become introverted and say fuck hanging out with most people I know for awhile.

  9. ^^ minimalism is fantastic. I've been working on getting rid of all physical media, converting everything to iTunes.

    I don't have anything like that. Mainly just clothes that I haven't worn in years. I move alot so I really don't own any furniture or stuff like that. I'll keep all my books mainly for decoration, even though I have a Kindle.

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