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  1. thx denim bros. This is the only jeans that fits me at present, and I'm a pretty broke for another denimz atm so I guess I'll still keep on wearin em for the next 1-2 yearz.

    aho, I can't remember exactly how this denim looks in its raw state. I remembered them being too stiff and smelly I decided to machine washed them twice before wearing lulz. Also the denim is really dark, almost like dark-black sulphur kind of denim, not that dark-blue indigo I used to see on other denimz.

    But recently a friend bought a 906 and comparing from my vague memory, they're pretty different denim.

    Maybe coleslawyum can shed more lights on RMCs stuffs

  2. damn that looks really nice, prefer this plaid version than the white.

    I'm recently really into this boro-thing Kapital done. I'm currently working on a simple sashiko patching on my pants right now!

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