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  1. SoCal your WAYT posts are inspiration,

    showing Jet up at every turn.

    Your Jil/Raf outfits are divine creation,

    each look a lesson-to-learn

    Without your spending, where would this forum be?

    Another fashion wasteland, doomed to mediocrity.

    From Recent Purchases to Men's Shoes,

    I follow your posts like the 11 o'clock news


  2. for my birthday idk if i want to cop a new spring/fall weight jacket, or an xbox360 with jawns and games and such. or maybe wii, idk halp.

    if youre going to cop a game system, cop 360. wii is full of suck after a week

  3. kay now im fosho gonna sell these, unless this isnt sold within a few days or maybe a week

    -i hope these arent sold to some whack ass nigga

    -SOLD TO A LOCAL FRIEND WOOOOO..... :( (no box) from southern cali, worn a few times(8.5/10 condition)

    -pm me for more pics or questions


    my own pic:


  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342