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  1. giving yall a heads up about merz i purchased some shit off this dude a while back and naively sent him too much cash for some bullshit situation mentioning hed pay me back asap... dudes recently blocked me on fb after 3 years of empty promises and isnt responding to my messages on sufu. do not deal with this dude.

  2. site gets my vote of approval and a wonderful review.

    yo whoever has had a previous transaction with merz and has his info send him a years worth of the combo pack for me will paypal u + rep


    wheres my $600 dude? checked our original interaction on stylezeigeist... its been over 3 years? holy SHIT.. i mustve been way too high i cant believe its been that long. cool blockin me on fb n dodging my messages on here. how scummy can u be dude

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