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  1. sbbassy

    waywt 2018

    @cheapmuthafukr I miss the old HB and sufu. You still skating?
  2. sbbassy


    Not sure if this has been mentioned before ( wasn't able to find an answer searching this thread) but whats the deal with this small white tag sewn on top of the other tags? I've only seen this on Japanese auctions, can anyone shed some light on this or am I being paranoid. This is from a GT-J28
  3. LOL goomba reference is on point
  4. sbbassy

    what are you eating today?

    looks so bomb. Henry lets go yeah
  5. sbbassy

    what are you eating today?

    ^ doode that looks awesome. This is what i had after browsing this thread Breakfast burrito w/ eggs chorizo, cheese and beans. Washed it down with rasberry iced tea
  6. sbbassy

    what are you eating today?

    LOL sorry those tacos look straight del taco. Not saying they look like they tasted horrible just sayin they look hella messy. This is what i think of wen i think tacos
  7. sbbassy

    what are you eating today?

    todays daily dose of tacos carne asada chicken These tacos look grimey du
  8. sbbassy

    worst of supermarket

    http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=258085 .............:confused:
  9. sbbassy

    best waywt pics

  10. sbbassy

    waywt? saved my life

    might want to try a different color shirt. ^^
  11. sbbassy

    worst (sufu) waywt fits

    From denim waywt - this is horrible, surprise this didn't make its way here yet.
  12. sbbassy

    Yoyos, Yoyos, and Yoyos...

    Whre is zee YWET ?!
  13. sbbassy

    FS: Somets , Iron Hearts

    Freee bumpppp someone buy his jeans!!
  14. sbbassy

    Yoyos, Yoyos, and Yoyos...