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  1. I'm repping her.

    I don't actually think she's that bad. I mean, she dresses hella mediocre and isn't the smartest person, but she's not the cancer here.

    Plus it's funny that this thread asks who's repping her every couple pages.

    Bring the red, faggots.

    I love the fact that people think I am "not smart" for willingly ignoring half of the crap that is said on here. It adds a most interesting dynamic to the entire thing.

    However, I am trying to get banned (see thread) so I am not overly concerned about who is clocking my intelligence.

  2. Have you ever been at a club, and some 40-something walks up to you or your group and tries to start grinding on you?

    It seems epidemic, like there is at least one for every stupid club I've been to. Usually my friends and I will edge away, but sometimes if it's crowded it's not like you can just make a quick getaway.

    I think to myself, "Your kids are probably my age," and then I don't feel so bad for rejecting the person.

  3. I have recently obtained a high-profile job for next year. They literally call it the "fish bowl," because your actions are being watched by hundreds of students. Today, my supervisor asked that all of us on staff "clean up our MySpace and Facebook" of anything incriminating.

    While my Facebook and MySpace are already clean due to high traffic, I feel as if my Sufu life is a tad more private. That said, I have been a lot more bold and personal on here than on other sites that I post on.

    Since, technically, no one sharing my IP address can join Sufu, there would be no one from my college actually part of this site, but it can still be seen by anyone who ventures onto it.

    I also think it's an appropriate time to bow out since, despite my efforts to coexist in harmony with other users and take this site more "seriously," I am increasingly being ignored.

    On a ftb2 note, I find myself somewhat addicted. I guess I keep hoping that this will somehow turn into a normal "fashion forum" experience, that I will be able to post a fit and only get critiqued only for the fit, not for other things, but it seems that any and all efforts to post a fit are welcomed with mixed reviews at best.

    With so much work to do, it's surprising I post here at all. I guess I am losing a little sleep here and there just to catch up.

    That said, I am asking any moderators reading this to please BAN me, as it takes too much time for me to simply go back and delete all my posts. Maybe someday I will find a fashion forum that has the good points of Sufu (honesty and no fakeness) but the good points of some of the other forums, too (acceptance of various styles, etc.)

    Thanks to all the people who believed in me, even bumping me to green a few times. I was always on the border...

    To those of you who gave me red, I am not sure why you would say some of the awful and hateful things you said (I mean, stuff I wasn't even deserving of, even though I did stir up the pot from time to time). I don't know what's wrong with some people, but I am not going to waste any more time trying to figure it out.

    Thanks for the entertainment -- t'was fun while it lasted!


  4. tg, that's good advice if I were wanting to keep it short. However, I cut it short to get rid of most of the dyed part so I can grow it out to my natural shade.

    this is me right before joining sufu, before I got my hair chopped:


    Kind of regret getting it chopped, although it's so easy to manage. I will probably get one more cut so I can completely get rid of the red, but first I have to let the roots grow out more.

  5. Nah, I think the short hair makes me look older, plus my face has thinned out a great deal due to all the stress put on it from operations and stuff. Add to it the fact I am not photogenic at all. Still, though, about 4 times in the past month alone, people have thought I was younger, which I even thought was strange.

  6. ^ lol

    it looks like you are wearing too much make-up; in the first pic, it looks like you painted your face white, a la chinese opera star. see below:



    I am actually just really pale and wear sunscreen to prevent ageing and skin cancer. Already at 22, a lot of people ask if I am 19...:confused: Hopefully that gap will keep increasing.

    Hella Hyphy, your advice is fine, but I wasn't wearing Volcom, so how am I supposed to apply it?

  7. Tried to take outdoor pics since campus is gorgeous right now, but every time I tried it started raining or a silly tour group would go by.

    So instead I took pics in this random sleeping room in the all-night computer lab. It has this little vinyl-covered bed and a desk.


    bed = not too comfy.


  8. Tried to take outdoor pics since campus is gorgeous right now, but every time I tried it started raining or a silly tour group would go by.

    So instead i took pics in this random sleeping room by the all-night computer lab. It has this little vinyl-covered bed and a desk.


    bed = not too comfy.


  9. If someone wore "Shut up geekbonchic", I wouldn't give a flying fuck. But it seems like you do. And denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

    Naw, it's just embarassing to be caught caring too much about the internet. That's a line I am not even willing to cross. Once I leave my computer, my sufu life doesn't exist.

  10. Spending my birthday at a UCI campus tour in record breaking heat. -_-


    Shut Up Disillusioned (novis)


    NikexBeams Air Huarache Light

    Headporter Japan


    Did you really wear a shirt that said, "Shut Up Disillusioned?"

    If so, I find it hilarious that some dude is walking around in California with a shirt with my screen name on it. It's strange that you would publicly wear something against a person whose real life and true existence are mystery to you other than what that person chooses to say or show of themselves online. :rolleyes:

    If I wore a shirt that said "Shut Up Branespload," my friends would demand an explanation, then when I explained to them what Superfuture is and who Branespload is, they would probably write me off as marginally insane or at least a dork. None of my friends care that I am on a forum and thus, no one wants to hear about it.

  11. In spite of our disagreement, Mellowbonsai, I at least find you to be a sane voice of reason. I am curious as to how someone as reasonable as you enjoys such "ass-backwards" environs, but you are under no obligation to answer, since I, too, have no set answer for my wanting to exist here other than my love of street fashion.

  12. stop flattering yourself. you don't think many of us have encountered your doodoo-kind here or in other situations before? you're just one of many cockroaches to be crushed. at best you are a puppet/ugly doll whose strings are easily manipulated by even the utmost rookie.

    Over 9000 internet posts to me means nothing more than that you post a lot. In spite of your internet-deity status, I disregard your advice, your hierarcies, and your insect-colony metaphors. They simply have nothing to offer my actual sense of self-improvement. Maybe when you really strike a personal chord with me, I'll listen.

    1. we dont like you and you dont like us

    I don't dislike anyone on here; I dislike the concepts put forth and the things people say, but I don't see it on the same level as disliking someone in real life. People dislike what I say, but I'm not really losing sleep over it.

    1. why would you stay?

    Because people are fun. Because I am evil and find it interesting to say things on here and see how people react, and they always do.. Because a bunch of clowns in a cirus ring, at one point in history, were entertaining.

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