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  1. yeah i go to the gym 3 times a week/ light excercices tho , like 30 min run and some machines , and as for foods i eat kinda good since half a year, less sugar/ no desserts / more fruits vegetables / lot of tea , coffee and water only / less frozen meals almost not anymore / so i dont think is that

    actually im going to take a blood test like next week so im gonna see, i think my skin has a role in my mood, i have light acne that go up and down that i hate so much, blood test is mainly for that



    Highly recommend you ask to have the hormone panel added. It'll cost you nothing. 

  2. feel like im spending money recklessly on things i dont need instand of saving up.

    possibly to fill a gap of unhappiness in my life ? idk i dont feel particularity happy in general and sometime think i work / study for nothing. i also developed a huge lack of self-confidence these last time and been not into social interaction at all, ..since i go to school the week and work during the weekend early i dont really go out now, i havent seen friends in a while mainly because of that also. i just stay home, watchs lot of movies and read books mostly. see girlfriend at school and sometime week-end.

    i feel like i dont connects with others peoples in general, only a few close friends i have. im not really friend with all the persons into my program, well school-friends but its pretty a basic relation about ; hi and bye ,

    i think winter affect me a lot also, i live in canada and i hate the cold, really cant stand it., the days are short, everything is super fast, wake up its dark, go out of school its dark, possibly affecting my mood. a week im super happy, other week super depress,bipolar ? idk

    i have a super nice family, a loving girlfriend, some cool jawnz ( lol ) , im studying graphic design, and i dont know why i find a way to be unhappy in general. i just hope thing got better when winter pass.



    I tell this to all guys that feel like sad, little bitchboys. Usually one or more of the following: unmotivated, down all the time, low confidence, overall beta (yea I used the word beta, so what)


    Get your bloodwork done...


    Specifically, get your hormones checked. I'm not saying that being a soft pud (also a symptom sometimes) is always related to hormones being out of whack. But a lot of times, low testosterone and/or high estrogen (and E2) levels are a major contributing factor.


    It's a lot more common nowadays with all the environmental factors we have in the world today. Out of the handful of guys I suggested to get a hormone panel, 3 of them came back with low test <300ng/dL. One of them, a close friend, has <250ng/dL.


    So stop wasting time and get it done. If you have insurance, it should be free minus a copay. If you don't have insurance, get it done privately. Should cost you $50 or so.


    This goes to all you other sad, unmotivated puds out there.

  3. Sadly, I need to sell my NDG All Weather Flight Jacket.. it just doesn't fit anymore :(
    This is not the flimsy S/S version. This one is wool-lined in the body and hood and poly-fill-lined in the sleeves.
    Even though it isn't super heavy, it's extremely warm because of the water-proof and wind-proof material it's made of. It traps body heat like no other. I could go about all winter with just a t-shirt underneath without much problem.
    Size XL.
    Good luck finding this anywhere.
    Great condition even though I wore it a lot. The material doesn't fade or anything like that, so it looks awesome. Only flaw is about 2" of popped seams underneath one armpit. Could be stitched up by a tailor or yourself in a few minutes.
    Price is pretty firm. $225 includes shipping conus (gift or add 4%). International shipping, contact me.


  4. you've posted in other threads you hate your eyes and asian hair so....

    im not a filipino


    Oh, I see you're a fan? How long ago did I post that? I don't remember. But I'm sure you do since you seem to be all over my dick. Please educate me.


    Also, who doesn't like some part about themselves?


    And anything less than mid length asian hair is the worst.

  5. Need some advice for squatting. I can't get past 225 x 4, my sticking point seems to be just past parallel after getting out of the hole (high bar). Does half squatting help at all? I've been doing some front squats and cleans about twice a week and I'm struggling to go up on those as well. No lower body isolation work for the past 5-6 months...

    Would need a video..


    but I can tell you that half squatting ain't going to help anything.

  6. Going to hween parties Donnie Darko w/ a twist (Skeleton one piece and grey hoodie)

    but imma be wearing some fresh white raf velcros


    i swear if it turns out to be a party where you have to do that shit where you leave your shoes at the door, you can bet these bitches gonna be tied around my neck all night


    Did you come here from hb? 

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