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  1. Glad to hear all our Eastern Seaboard brothers are safe. Very sorry to hear about the flooding. No troubles like flooded basement troubles.


    A friend had us up to his summer home at the lake where Zis found the Triumph hubcap.


    Spent the days at little beaches and the nights eating and drinking and making merry (hey loser, take off the chambray you're at the beach).


    Kids love 'smores


    Mostly a rest weekend for the ROYs, but I busted them out for a few hours at night.


    I'll throw up another picture of the house to show the deck I fell off in the middle of the night and broke my little toe -- that's what happens when a denimhead wears flip flops.

  2. You'll have to forgive the pic quality on this post. I noticed it had been a bit since the last upload, so I grabbed what was on the phone. I promise a better quality update in a few.


    The garden is starting to look good. The cold spring kept the plants out of the ground a little too long so it has taken some extra time to get going.










    Pappy Van

  3. I really like the fit you have there on those jeans, Matera, but those shoes must be replaced. In my opinion, a pair of jeans as classic-looking as those require footwear to match. Again though, the fit is spot-on.

    The shoes look fine. Chucks and cuffs and what not would make you look like The Beaver. The hair, T and jeans combo needs something modern/from-a-decade-NOT-the-'50s to ground it in reality.

  4. Roy6, those are looking great. I've held off on the hard wash, to this point, and your post has encouraged me to keep these out of the water for at least the rest of the summer. I suspected that there would be a lot of secondary shrinkage, which makes me happy as these have always been a bit too relaxed. I am worried, however, about the inseam. How much did you lose total on your inseam?

  5. One of my drinking buddies is in medical school and here are his cures:

    1) Water (I don't like this becuase it means a lot of waking in the middle of the night to pee)

    2) PBJ or banana before bed: The potassium will restore some lost nutrients.

    3) Multivitamin before bed: Again, for nutrients.

    4) Aspirin or Ibuprofen before bed, but not Tylenol as Tylenol releases toxins in the liver when mixed with alcohol.

    5) Coffee and aspirin in the morning.

    I think that a swim or hard run is really the best for a hangover. Saunas are also nice. Although I don't think it helps, a greasy breakfast is always nice -- but just because a greasy breakfast is always nice.

  6. bike1.jpg

    It's been a few years since I've owned a bike. The Mrs. found this for me. A 1967 Yamaha YL2c. Needs a little work, but will make for a fun grocery-getter.




    Pug flatulence (no vis)


    I still haven't sorted out the summer fit with these joints (I normally shelf the denim once the mercury moves north of 90).

  7. Sansome, do us a favor and don't repost those photos. It only encourages that charlatan to continue in his felonious ways. A real shame, too, because eventually all that artificial wear will put holes in that beautiful fabric...

    I move to invalidate Roy6's pants...;)

  8. yCPGf.jpg

    I love Little Cottonwood Canyon. Not that any of you will, but if any of you ever make it Utahway, there are two spots that you need to have at the top of list 1) Moab/Arches National Park 2) Little Cottonwood Canyon.

    Hiking on the opposite side of the canyon is a blast, literally, there are signs regularly posted warning hikers to stay clear of old blasting caps as the area was mined for a century before it became a ski resort.

    A friend and drinking buddy of mine was a deputy marshal for the town of Alta and has some great stories. Before his brief foray into law enforcement he worked on avalanche control which consisted of waking very early and firing a Korean-War era artillery piece at those mountains to trigger avalanches. That, or skiing along one of the ridges dropping charges off the edge and hopping the explosion or subsequent avalanche didn't kill him.

  9. cash- which canyon?? I was up Little Cottonwood with my class the past couple of days. Photos coming tomorrow, too tired now...

    Parley's Canyon. These trails are up in the coniferous forest on the southwest end of Summit Park. Great trails for kids -- not too steep or too long. Nothing longer than 3 miles.

  10. Summertime in the mountains


    The mercury is rising so I took the family up one of the canyons that surround SLC. This trial is roughly 20 minutes from my home in the city.




    Shorty has taken to walking like a fish to water. I now spend a lot of time taking fragile/dangerous things out of his hands.


    Summer in full swing.


    Let me introduce you to one of the twins. She is sick of the heat too.


    This week I spent a little time working on the opposite side of the valley than I normally do. This is the Bingham Canyon Mine. It is a big, big damn hole.


    My wife's godfather is a retired colonel, so he likes taking us up to an old army base. The base has been incorporated into the University of Utah, but there is still some military operations at the locations. There was also a high school cheerleading camp using the parade grounds. No photos, but the chitlin noticed the girls and spent a bit of time watching them excitedly.

  11. Cash - awesome! My wife and I both used to do a fair bit of ultra running, mostly locally, and in the northeast US. Always dreamed about doing the Western States, but these days don't have the time to put in those training miles!

    Don't get the wrong idea about my running prowess. You may be part of GIRA, I'm part of DBIRA (Dirt Bag International Running Association). I don't take any of it seriously enough. I show up hungover. However, genetically I was made to run at a medium speed for a long, long period of time. I've really wasted a god-given talent by not dropping 10 percent of my body weight and actually doing a bit more precise training than just running 'til I'm bored and then drinking a beer.

    (I owe you some rep for the volleyball photos).

  12. ragJune_in_Utah.jpg

    June in Utah?!?!

    As the van 2 ran around for a couple hours, our group took a break, I had a nice ruben and we headed up to the second exchange at a great ski resort. Anyone heading Utah-way for some skiing, this is a good spot as it is a bit cheaper than the more popular resorts and less crowded.


    On to the night legs. You are required to run in a headlight and reflective vest at night. We all end up looking like a crazed road crew trotting around in the dark. My second leg ran out of Morgan, Utah. The leg was just shy of 5 miles and I was ready for a nap....Unfortunatly the official sleep spot was a high school gym on wrestling mats. I suspect I will come down with a nasty staph infection on my face from trying to sleep on that mat. Trust me, not the best way to spend the night.


    Now the run heads toward Park City and the finish.


    The team. They do a '80s television themed team. They don't run in costumes, but they make up shirts. The team name was In The Thicke of The Night -- Canadian Alan Thicke was the mascot.


    My final leg was down into Heber, Utah. This was my only flat/down hill finish, which I was happy about, needless to say. The leg was 3 miles and I ran like hell. The exchange was in front of the cemetery where my grandfather is buried. At this point the run was done for me, so the team headed to a cafe and I had a cold beer that I couldn't rate as the fatigue made that brew taste like the nectar of the gods.


    This week I got another treat. One of those sample pieces PaulT picked up from LVC made its way to my house (didn't fit the original owner).





  13. A handful of friends run the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay each year. One of their runners backed out and they tapped me as an alternate -- lucky me (10char). As Zis noted this is a 192 mile relay through the mountains of Utah. If you are running it with the traditional 12-person team, you break it up into two vans and each runner takes three legs over 18-30 hours. The running isn't going to kill you, but the sleep deprivation is a challenge.


    I get together with a bunch of friends every Thursday to drink. I was going to take it easy, but this bottle showed up. And....


    ...I ended up in a goofy mood as coffee, nerves and that Scotch were battling it out inside me the next morning. Zis' jawns are looking outstanding. It was great to meet up with this fella, I wish we'd had a bit more time to talk, but I had to run....literally.


    The route starts in Logan and heads out through a very scenic valley. My first leg was up over Avon Pass. Here is a photo I stole from the Internet. This leg was just shy of 8 miles and 1,200 feet of climb.


    After my leg the final runner in our group ran down the other side of the mountain and into another scenic valley, where my wife and kids caught up with us for a late lunch. I'm sure the functional eyewear won't win me rep, but aside from the bandamna, steez last weekend was running fast not looking good.

  14. ^Two observations:

    1) Some people don't want to be happy. Their identity is based on a level of angst that doesn't allow much happiness.

    2) A lot of dudes who are super-successful (read: makes bank) have an engine that burns a little richer than the rest of us. They aren't easily satisfied and thus, in things like work, they are highly successful becuase "good enough" is never good enough.

    Long story short: Your friend may not mentally be able to reach what you consider an acceptable level of happiness or may not want to reach that level.

  15. HEY!! It was cash! Despite living just 100 miles from each other, we hadn't met up yet. My life has been so busy lately that I hadn't been down to SLC much at all in the past 5 months. It was great to finally meet, albeit briefly... so random. I did give him a little bit of a hard time for not running in the Roys ;)


    Running into a comrade in ROYs was a great way to start the race. Zis has the inside track on those chambray skivees.

    You'll forgive the expression on my face -- this was a combination of a hangover, too much caffeine and nerves about the race. I need to gather photos from people in a handful of locations, but a race post is coming.

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