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  1. Duck is just another name for canvas. Most people consider duck to be the brown canvas Carhartt uses in its double-knee work pants. Technically, however, there is no difference. The ongoing e-debate on various Internet forums revolves around the weight of the fabric -- that duck is clothing-weight canvas and, well, canvas is heavier in weight for tents and tarps. If you've followed PaulT's work on this, though, he has some really good sources stating that the duck label was historically just a branding/marketing device for canvas from a particular mill (Paul, correct me if I am wrong).

  2. Nay, that's the Cone Indigo Duck. Zoom in on the pocket selvedge. The id on that fabric doesn't photograph too well from a distance.


    From the Left Field contest thread. Photographs like overlock.

  3. With the 5.0 update I fell behind on posting. SO, here is November in a nutshell.


    My wife's half-sister's birthday is Nov. 11. Since this year was 11/11/11, she threw herself a very big party. We flew down to Tempe to join in.


    Drinking and assorted revelry.


    Phoenix has a really great botanical garden. The camera battery died on the second picture. I dig desert plants, which were represented in spades.


  4. I feel that story and contribution will go into the final voting, even without these points being specified. I don't think a seldom-poster will be able to throw pictures up on the last day and run away with the contest. I think voters will naturally be drawn to contestants they are familiar with and who regularly posted.

  5. I know they're too short, and it's a shame, but Ranon is probably 8 inches shorter than me. I'm 6'3 and it's hard to make jeans with a 30ish inch inseam work for me.

    (I'm not calling out Thin Finn, I don't think his post is attacking ADH) For the amount of groupthink and groupdress that goes on around SUFU, I always appreciate the fits that take traditional pieces like boots and selvedge denim and interpret it in original and modern ways (God knows I'm no good at it). ADH's fit is on point and one of the better looking on the board.

  6. I'm pretty strongly anti-cigarettes, but enjoy the occasional consumption of tobacco via other means!

    That's me.

    Robbie is one of the youngest, and this isn't a knock, but I've noticed that most people born after 1980 never even flirted with tobacco. I've never considered myself a smoker, but with the right hooch I'll smoke my pipe. Also, like most people born in the '70s, I had a pack of smokes in my desk during college. I don't think I ever finished a pack, but I always seemed to have one for the odd night out.


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