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  1. Can you post some measurements for the jacket? Thanx
  2. How do the flannels fit this season? I usually take 19 p to p. Would I be XS in regular flannel? Thinking of ordering them over the phone. Thanx!
  3. How is the sizing on those qouddy bloucher? TTS? I'm liking the blouchers very much but have very small feet (CP size 39 small) Should I kop 7.5?
  4. Who carries KVS sneakers in US? I wouldn't mind having a pair for that price.
  5. beautiful jacket! PM sent!
  6. Would you say the jacket fits more like 48 or true to size? Cuz the measurements sure look more like 48. Thank you!
  7. Did the opening ceremony get another reduction on their sale items?
  8. Can I get a measurement for that medium grey spring blazer, please?
  9. Is Fred segal still having a sale?
  10. I have tried the patrik ervell pleated pants in size 32, and It was not all that slim (I usually wear 29, 30 in trousers). I don't think the pleated ones are supposed to be slim as you can see from the runway picture. On the other hand, I have a pair of formal pants in size 32 which is really slim through out the leg, and more like 30 than 32.
  11. Is this additional 50% off just for saks in NYC or saks in general?
  12. questions for fabric experts: Is wool + mohair blend warm enough for a chilly fall weather? I am looking at a blazer from BoO on eluxury with that blend of fabric. Any input is appreciated.
  13. The seller's description about sizing seems right. I know because I ordered the same jacket in xs from SS08 and it did not come with any lining and it fitted like m. So I ended up returning the jacket since it was too big. Herpsky! did u buy the parka this season? I hope they have done something with the sizing these season for little people cuz I really like this jacket.
  14. I know you guys are looking for nylon boots in black leather. But, Gargyle, the webstore, has them in brown leather.
  15. Is Bold even out in states yet?