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  1. lol, cp3's been out of the first round before. cleveland looking decent if bynum's healthy.
  2. i have a 3.3+ kd playing only groundwar and agree that mw3 was trash. deadman's hand, support stealth bomber, really?. all the map packs/maps were trash as well. things good about mw3 were specialist, reaper. shit was js boring to play after awhile.
  3. finally
  4. infinity ward fell off after cod4 ; blops > mw3
  5. sesh is an ufa nashhh
  6. j u l z ?
  7. whole boston team looks like they want to cry surprised they got this far tho
  8. 20-foot african python ...
  9. they deserve it, but fuck the thunder theyre js too loud, no pun
  10. what? you have shane battier, mario chalmers, and dwade. and you said they dont have shooters? they had enough on the court and he (had to) passed it to haslem no excuses
  11. if anyone has a new era in 7 3/8 theyre looking to let go, get at me mainly black / navy
  12. but dat tucked in tee ..
  13. proxxxy