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  1. thanks bro, I'm too lazy to make one and I like them a lot at the moment

    though, for some reason at first I thought I'd have to have a tall tee with a real low print on it, but it's just the bottom of a normal tee sewn on that top tee isn't it?

    I have a surplus of tees. I might do this myself.

  2. i haven't downloaded something on torrent for a very long time. megaupload/fileserve/etc. seem to work so much faster

    private trackers are a lot faster / guaranteed good quality. but just searching google for shit on mediafire is the easiest thing.

  3. is homeland done yet? I'm just gonna run through it whenever the season ends. That's how I usually watch Dexter. I like Dexter, but I wish I wasn't watching it as it came out. not as good.

    Damages is another show I do that with. I can't watch that shit week-by-week, but in chunks its good.

  4. there's a short documentary of people being afraid of things like that (mostly as children). there's a specific one that it focused on though. I'll post if I can find it.

    edit: found it

  5. jj, put on some cholo eyebrows and everything else will fall into place.

    I've had a loaded m16 (I'm pretty sure that's what it was) pointed at me once. I was working in the supply building for the base security for the summer along with some other weird kids. Weirdest kid picked it up and pointed at all of us and said some stupid shit. He got fired obviously. He was joking though and I really doubt he would've pulled the trigger. It was one of the security dudes (left at his desk while he went to piss or something) and I'm sure the safety was on and shit. still a weird feeling.

    only other time I've seen a gun outside of cops/base security/etc is when this kid tried to sell me an AK (this was back in the states, not on base). I can't remember for how much. I don't think I look like the AK-buying type, but iono. It was funny.

  6. I hate the way safari works on lion, with the two concurrent processes. 'Safari Web Content' likes crashing on me.

    I'm thinking of switching to Chrome. Every once in awhile a site will not work correctly on Safari and then perfectly on Chrome and yea I fuck with Webkit's Inspector. I use it daily. I don't like firebug as much just because I used webkit's shit first.

  7. if your halftone is good you can go ahead and print it. The mesh depends on what you're printing on (tee/paper). Google is your friend here, but I have a 110 mesh screen that works well on fabric, but I can't get super detailed with it. I actually noticed some jagged edges (as if it had bad antaliasing or something) on some things I printed. A higher mesh would prob serve me better.

    The burn time is completely dependent on your emulsion / light source / setup. There are charts that can help.

  8. mostly not sure cause they're expensive. I see no reason why I'd only wear them a few times though.

    I got enough wear out of overpriced purple zebra to warrant the purchase. I like stupid clothes.

    holy: I haaate all black uptowns. not sure why just always have.

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