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  1. I love heather, but pretty much any other color sweats would be more socially acceptable. heather sweats are the default you know.

    I hate that green shit on stan smiths.

    I think I want more pine green shit though

  2. I thought tweens shit was cool (the outfit at least). The shirt/skirt thing he does is cool. Then I noticed the camo leggings. too much bro.

    also, isn't it good/normal that bacon dresses similarly every day?

  3. House is ending. It's been the same shit forever anyway, but I enjoyed the show. Less though after Wilde left. It was less about the medical shit lately though and that was kiiiinda interesting. I think it was definitely time to end soon though before it became CSI or something

  4. you're calling that knit rider a basic?

    I could probably say that every time an established brand makes something shitty and people go nuts over it. Example: giant gaudy logos are ugly except when it's a UU t-shirt.

    Then just fucking says it's ugly/wack/whatever.

    People always say "oh dude you wouldnt buy that if it wasn't supreme/undercover/rick/etc." but the argument makes no sense. The clothes are the way they are because of what they are (in this case uniqlo working with undercover). And in this case they're cheap as fuck so that's not even an issue.

  5. remember like 06-07 with the kids trying their best to be 80's as fuck? That shit turned into cosplay fast as fuck.

    superdenim railroad shit is another example though it's somewhat related to #menswear

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