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  1. My 211 stretched out in the thigh but from the knee down they are still pretty tight; size 29, true waist 29.
  2. half asian half white, look mostly white, do not find 99% of asian girls attractive. all asians are relatives concept?
  3. http://supertalk.sup...ndard-black-27/ search is hard.
  5. blue tab was before the levi's lawsuit ~2007. the ones sold outside the US should still have tabsspeaking of which: 005's, 8 months or so of wear with a few washes
  6. my aa was doing this before it just stopped turning on. they sent me back a beat up refurbished one. for ~$2 shipping i guess its better than having a broken light
  7. 16 month old qmini AA decided to crap out on me. LED was flickering for a few weeks and then just stopped turning on. sent in on RMA
  8. stay at a state school for undergrad; if you have the grades/the school has a good program in your field, then go private for grad school. if you arent getting paid to go to school then youre doing it wrong (with the exception of professional degrees)
  9. my quark mini aa is still going strong after over a year; keychain carry
  10. decided to buy the rush 12 anyways. if you were still wondering, my 13" macbook fits fine in the hydration pocket
  11. did you ever hear back from 5.11 about this?
  12. picked this up from sam's quik shop. hides the alcohol quite well, definitely doesnt taste like a 9% abv
  13. these are about 2-3" too large in the waist for me, washed with about 1 week of wear. $150 shipped waist: 16", 16.5" laid flat thigh: 11.5" knee: 7.5" leg opening: 7"
  14. no dividers or anything in the pockets