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  1. Denim is not the same. 0500 is 15oz, 5000 is 17oz. 0500 is texas cotton which is short fibers which makes the slubby/hairiness. 17oz is longer fibers, and less slubby.

    I got the s5000x2nd collab which is the 5000 cut with 15oz texas denim and although they are missized they still fit and i think the denim is great.

  2. I bought this a few weeks ago but it doesn't quite fit. Its in great condition and has been barely worn. Paypal preferred and price includes shipping to US.

    EG Workshirt Navy/Red/Olive size Large - $100



    Pit to Pit: 22.5

    Length: 31

    Shoulder (front): 18

    Sleeve: 26

  3. For sale, 3 shirts, all in great condition. Shipping to US included. Paypal preferred.

    Engineered Garments Navy/Red/Olive Workshirt size L - $100 Shipped



    Pit to Pit: 23

    Length: 31

    Shoulder (front): 18

    Sleeve: 26

    Supreme S/S 08 Flannel size Large - $SOLD

    Supreme F/W 08 Flannel size Large - $SOLD

  4. I just got a size 33 2nd Collab S5000XX and the measurements are way off. They seem to match up with the BiG size 31 or 32 S5000 instead of the 33. Looks like they have to go to the supermarket.

  5. Up for sale is a Iron Heart Heavy Chambray shirt in Large. I bought it from Self Edge but haven't worn it much. Paypal only please.

    Price - $150 Shipped



    Chest - 43.5

    Shirt Length - 29.3

    Shoulder Width - 18


    Flat Head Houndstooth in White/Green, Size 44. This run of the flannels ran one size smaller.

    Price - $110 Shipped



    Chest - 42

    Shirt Length - 30

    Shoulder Width - 19.5

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342