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  1. A few days left on these great jeans and surprisingly (to me) no bids yet.
  2. Just added a bunch of great stuff to eBay (including some Mr Freedom jeans that are ending soon). Full list here.
  3. Posted these on eBay. I'll be adding some more Mister Freedom stuff, jeans, Al's Attire shirts, and Outlier stuff later today.
  4. Just posted some great jeans and clothes to eBay. You can see all of what's available here: Sugar Cane Recycled Denim Sweet Jeans, 32" x 33" Self Edge x Flat Head Jeans SEXFH05 36" x 36" Self Edge Al's Attire Black Shirt XL Outlier Hudson Pivot shirt Medium Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane “Rider’s Dungarees†34" x 33" (ending soon) Warning: Some photos may contain cat-butt
  5. Doc Pop

    Pics of special denim creations (non jeans)

    I've made a few more creations made from selvage denim, which are also available on my site. If you are interested, I'm having a one day sale: Art supply wrap Laptop Sleeve Also available are selvage denim coffee cozies and iPhone cases.
  6. 3 items for sale: Flat Head/Self Edge jeans (SEXFH05), 31" waist 31" inseam. Never worn. $225 shipped. I believe these have been sold now, I will update if that's not the case. Levi's 501s selvage. $80 shipped. 33" waist, 34" inseam. Leather boots $100 shipped. Size 12 D. Made in the US, don't know the brand, but I recently had them resoled at Al's Attire. The new soles are stacked leather, painted with a deep green. more pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/sets/72157604433971987/?photo_deleted=2998974680 best way to reach me is via email [email protected]
  7. Doc Pop

    Pics of special denim creations (non jeans)

    Thanks. If anyone is interested in the coffee cozies, I have 8 selvage coffee cozies listed on my site and 3 twenty-one ounce ones from Iron Heart scraps that aren't listed on my shops. I could sell these for $12 each or two for $20, just email me yoyogenius at gmail. After digging through my pics and posting pics of my wares for this thread, I found myself highly motivated to make some more stuff, so I whipped up these art supply cases and wrote about them on my blog. I'm happy to see a thread like this and can't wait to see more of other people's creations.
  8. Doc Pop

    Pics of special denim creations (non jeans)

    Hey Henry, great pieces! As some of you may know, I do the chain stitching for Self Edge, but I also have my shop on Etsy where I sell my denim wares. Instead of just posting pics of my wallets and things, here is a collection of some of my more limited designs: Selvage denim yo-yo bags made for Anti-Yo's Busine$$. I believe I made 80 of these. It was a real learning experience for me and way more work than I expected. Custom 20oz Heineken Cozy with leather bottom. This was a commissioned piece, with scraps from a pair of Flat Heads. Note the matching wallet. Here's a 40oz cozy. Custom selvage garter belt. A gift made for Kiya and Demitra's wedding. Denim hats made from a pair of jeans. You can't see it, but the inside lining is made from the inside pocket lining. iPhone case made from Nudie jeans scraps and the bag a pair of Nudie underwear came in. Selvage denim coffee cozies. Made from scraps from tailored jeans. These pics were all culled from my sewing set on flickr. It's been a while since I've taken a look at some of these projects... I think there's a lot of good stuff in there.