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  1. I thank God everyday for not giving me a Widow's Peak.

    a kid i had class with lst year had widow peak and we all call him "Dorito BOy"

    side note: i have terrible fever, head is spinning, and vision blurry ...

    i don't wnana be sick

  2. imo my clothes look their worst the first few times i wear them...wear and tear is good

    i actually enjoyed that article, they acknowledged their position as out-of-industry observers and reported from that standpoint...it helped but everything in persepctive regarding the movement of said industry in the past few years

  3. raf simons wave test and juun j tank


    thanks to Who? and thomas_highstreet

    what differentiates that tank from, say, an a.a. one?

    (no hate, genuinely curious...it looks kinda sheer, plus it's probably a much better material)

  4. does anyone have any suggestions for medium/long asian hair? I want to grow mine out but I don't want to look like every asian girl under the sun.

    you will look identical to them no matter what...hair cut will not remedy the situation

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