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  1. ^^thats serious business. as for mahself,

    larrivee d-03 w/ a k&k pickup


    and this one i got for free


    same guitar, except mine is white w/ black pickguard. im thinking mine is late 80's mij, and it has the same kahler floydrose-ish tremolo. any help in id'ing it would be appreciated.

  2. does your itunes not recognize your iphone in dfu in 10.5.6?

    if youre already jailbroken, it shouldnt matter.

    if you arent and dfu isnt recognized, plug your iphone in via a usb hub, instead of straight into the computer's usb ports.

    i wouldnt recommend downgrading your os, unless youre willing to reformat. that sort of stuff gets real nasty.

  3. nah man, it still works.

    and yeah, option as in option key.

    i just redid the firmware on my backup phone the other day, and im on itunes 8.

    BUT, os x 10.5.6 might give you problems with dfu mode. idk tho, im still on 10.5.5

  4. not if you alter the ipsw to a custom ipsw in quickpwn/pwnage.

    then option+click upgrade in itunes and it'll use the custom firmware as opposed to the regular apple stuff.

  5. whats flashing?

    i heard now if you try and go from 2.1 to 2.2 you gotta do something special before doing it... maybe it was just restoring to default i forget.

    regardless... i'm still on 2.1 and would like to get my 2.2 on

    if youre jailbroken already, just do the usual. dl the 2.2 firmware from apple and quickpwn/pwnagetool. yellowsn0w should work too regardless of whether or not you updated your baseband.

  6. any1 hear any good/bad about the ocean/panasonic keirin frames (the ones on njsframes.blogspot)?

    im moving back to a bike friendly neighborhood and was thinking about ordering one sans decals.

  7. Loller. Right.

    Again, as the spokesperson for the white race I can honestly say that this person is a beast. We're far too busy having sex with attractive asian women to dabble in such mediocrity. Don't try to liken us to the generic black man who finds the morbidly obese and facially impaired Lonely Linda's of the white race attractive.

    you're joking right?

    90%, no lets make it 95% of asian girls with white dudes are busted.

    y'all are blind and you don't even know it son.

    but ignorance is bliss right?

  8. 1. im 25

    2. my sister and i have the same zodiac sign, but she's younger than i am.

    3. im the son of a preacher man. needless, i rarely tell ppl this. judgement comes flying all around.

    4. ive worked some steezy restaurants in the past, but my favorite thing to eat in all the world is street meat. korean/halal/tacos.

    5. im get along better with 1st gen mexican immigrants than most white ppl.

    6. my parents left me to live by myself at 14, w/ some supervision. i can't thank them enough for this.

    7. im pretty emotionally closeted. i have trouble verbalizing how i really feel. typical korean boy.

    8. when i went to college, my dad told me not to knock anyone up (in so many words).

    9. i have serious adhd, or i really dont like what im doing right now. im inclined to the latter.

    10. im terrible at art. i cant draw, i had no eye for developing even b&w prints during photo I, and my music is unimaginative at best.

    11. i used to trace tag i found off a korean cd booklet (H.O.T. anyone?), to gain streetcred from my trainbombing friends. in fear of being discovered, i refused to audition for inclusion in my friend's crew.

    12. i was prom king at a half-black, all ghetto school.

    13. never smoked weed.

    14. im handy as hell. just gimme the right tools and ill fix everything from a bike to a furnace to your dead macbook.

    15. am concerned that my ridiculous standard in women will leave me alone at an advanced age.

    16. i have only officially dated one girl since hs. i was really bored.

    17. i seriously have the world's longest nipple hair. its just one, and i swear, if it didnt fall off once in a while, id be in the guinness book.

    18. i hold my breath when i pass people/places/things that i think would smell.

    19. i just gave my dad a half-assed physical cuz he was being a baby about his "high BP". he's fine, it's just stress induced.

    20. the nice things i buy and wear is all compensation for my lack of steez in middle school -> jr high. im still not over it to this day.

    21. i make better friends with girls than with most guys, but closest friends are always dudes.

    22. i have commitment issues with technology. i go through like 4 phones a yr, and not because i lose them.

    23. im addicted to craigslist.

    24. i have this thing where i dont settle for food. i dont go eat at any mexican joint or thai joint, it always has to be the best i can find. even if that means dragging my friends across the city to get there.

    25. i wont live somewhere if the bathroom and kitchen arent superclean and well designed i mean how can the room you clean yourself in be nasty? or how can you make food in a gross environment.

  9. Get some Yohji's or something with a little more flava.

    thats the problem with flava. it gets real old real quick.

    there are some parts of my wardrobe that i'd like to think are constant regardless of changing tastes and customs, akin to my own personal style.

    i think cp's (esp. the white achilles low) have a look about them that lends itself to permanence. kind of like a modern day spring court? minus the history of course

    im just waiting for the mainstream to jump off the bandwagon, which i dont think will be long.

  10. you aren't understanding what rajio is saying.

    i do.

    what i meant is that the beasting we do for rg/dbss/a77/etc we do here leads to soulless jawn copping, which in turn makes the gear you buy soulless too. all for the sake of consumerism/being sheep aka what rajio said. there is no style in this.

    ^^ thats a cute beret.

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