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    just cancel the damn thing.

    jesus, didnt you grow some balls at your all-women's liberal arts college?

    you can spout off about women's empowerment for days, but you cant even own up and not waste your time AND mine?

    little girls man. i'm thru with them.

  2. i was just mentioning to someone that i have no idea why my parents ever got married in the first place. they're terrible for each other.

    but i cant say thats worse than getting a divorce.

    either way that sucks. sorry to hear all these stories.

  3. i think youre SOL unless hotmail releases imap support.

    its pop3 right now, so instead of updating from the central server like imap would, it treats the iphone as its own server.

    putting it all in folders might work, but yeah it would be time consuming.

    just switch to gmail and forward your hotmail to gmail perhaps?

  4. I've just been taking aropax, was on aropax (paroxetine) 20mg for about 4 years.

    currently withdrawing, taking 20mg every second day, then stopping.

    should I take 10mg a day instead? Would have to cut the pill though, which would be a pain.

    dont take it every other day.

    you could exacerbate discontinuation syndromes, especially w/ ssri's.

    if you want to taper your dose, talk to your doctor kid.

    be real with him and he should be real with you.

  5. ^^trina, the baddest chick.

    served will farrell at my restaurant once. real low key brother. it was nice to see that he's not a ridiculous showman every where he goes. real nice when we small talked too.

    this was while him and dustin hoffman were filming on my campus,

    who btw is like 5 ft, no joke.

  6. you on at&t showbiz?

    if you have troubles with that stuff, try resetting your network settings.

    and yeah, if youre jailbroken and you dont care about the unlock, you can always downgrade firmware. just download the old firmware and option + click the "restore" button in tunes.

  7. WTF does that mean? Chicago owns on Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Peruvian and Italian food....

    you're right. i shouldn't have put it that way.

    but coming to nyc, which i know is an even better food town, i expected a lot more of the mexican food. hell, pho too.

    i would kill someone for a couple of good tacos, a tank big bowl from pho xe tang, and that sandwich with plantains for bread (some place on kedzie i think).

  8. ^^if you're jailbroken, always check the dev team for a quickpwn/pwnagetool update for new firmware, otherwise you lose all the crap you had before by straight updating. you shouldnt ever blindly update either. wait a bit, and see what the consensus is.

    the easiest way to re-jailbreak is to download quickpwn for the corresponding firmware you have, and just direct it to the firmware .ispw you downloaded. this will be user -> library -> itunes (on a mac), or lord knows where if youre using windows.

    if you're unlocked (like myself), or you're anal (like myself), id use pwnagetool. more stable, more versatile, and more end user control of jailbreak.

    check the dev team blog link for all the tools you need.


  9. i REALLY need a software hookup, guys. getting desperate... i wish i had the chedda to buy legit, but just not in that position right now.

    YOU might be on probation, but i bet tons of girls you know at school arent.

    get them to dl the torrent for you.

    cake, unless you got no friends.

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