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  1. i feel fucking dirty.

    ive been at my parents house for 4 mon just while studying for board exams (i havent lived with them since i was 14).

    i had my own room, and it was a nice setup.

    out of nowhere my moms comes at me saying "you owe $1000 for the food/laundry/room"

    i mean WTF?

    if we had agreed to this beforehand, fine, no biggie,

    but the way she came at me with this "we were doing YOU a favor" shit like im some foreign boarding student was fucked up.

    i played it off like "haha, you're crazy. crazy lady haha haha", but shit's been eating at me all night.

    i feel fucking dirty and unwanted.


  2. incompetence in an organic chemistry laboratory. so fucking dangerous. damn monkeys and arse-clowns.

    sorry that was me. i didnt know a single lab before i got there.

    i made some bomb-ass nylon though.

  3. thats by far the best brand ive had in america.

    take it out of the freezer and thaw it for a bit, amazing

    agreed with mango, but green tea is a close second

    nah man, bubbies from hawaii is THE best.


    femelle, if your in the city, i know bob san on division and meiji on randolph both carry this stuff. freaking unbelieveable, everything from green tea/red bean basics to raspberry white chocolate and other seasonal stuff.

    the problem with the one in the box is the quality inconsistency. sometimes the mochi is nice and chewy, and sometimes it just crumbles on you. and its always too hard and hard to eat.

  4. failing your citizenship test the first time you take it, when you speak better english than the chinese du administering it.

    thats right bitches, i failed that shit the first time around.

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