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  1. WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

    sup yall
  2. waywt? saved my life

    wow bro i guess you're not really a sox fan after all (rim shot) but srsly, you buy a shit ton of semi-expensive gear, so you can afford a decent pair of sox rite? step yo game up.
  3. waywt? saved my life

    kix that outfit is ill
  4. waywt? saved my life

    if i didn't see that red tag on the scarf i wouldn't have guessed you were decked out in mostly w)taps w/o reading the description. thats how you wear a brand. +rep
  5. waywt? saved my life

    so much hostility
  6. waywt? saved my life

    sup superfuture
  7. waywt? saved my life

    JCS those yuketens are dope. soxfan your gear is legit but you need to wear it more cause the only thing killing your swagger is how new everything looks. cheep always looks great I'd give rep to all of you if i could
  8. waywt? saved my life

    There originally were a few functional reasons for it, but I think now it's just more of a stylistic choice. Sometimes I wish I had something else to look at in the picture rather than another mediocre outfit.
  9. waywt? saved my life

    ur eyez r prolly used to the low DOF outfit shots overused these days.
  10. waywt? saved my life

    lady gaga shirt is cuttin edge. bitch aint even been shinin long enough for ironic post-popxhate vintage tee wear-ability. but i digress, the future is now. kop it
  11. waywt? saved my life

    yo dem boots is pristine son
  12. Djrajio Dating Thread/Advice Column

  13. what song is currently stuck in your head? (youtube friendly)

    sade fuck what you heard! 8fW4paX7cDk