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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8thbrlU2kkw


    "So here is my experience and account of what happened at T-ara N4's first American performance at Palms Pool in Las Vegas:

    I got there at 12 pm, where I found two other Queens waiting at the front of the stage. I joined them and we spotted T-ara several times in the crowd and in the VIP section. After about 3 hours of waiting, Chris Brown finally appeared on the stage and performed his set. I am not sure where he went after his performance but it's possible that he left the pool party. After another hour of waiting, T-ara N4 appeared on stage and performed Countryside Life. Just as I feared, they received very mixed reactions from the crowd. We were the only ones who were really cheering them on and it was extremely awkward. Most people were just silent and confused. Some girls in the crowd even told them to get off the stage. It was totally the wrong crowd for them to perform for. The hardcore partying and hip hop crowd there did not expect to see an unknown (in America) girl group show up randomly and perform a song in Korean. Chris Brown didn't even show up to perform his part. The DJ cut them off abruptly, which angered T-ara, especially Eunjung, but they were allowed to finish their performance after that awkward moment. At the end of the performance, Eunjung reached out and grabbed our hands because we were the only Queens there to support them. After their performance, they regrouped at an area by the pool where they appeared to be really embarassed and upset (yes, there was some crying)."



  2. nice lol. not much input. everything sounds good. vocals might be a bit loud, or else that's just low bit rate soundcloud. 


    lol the vocals are a shitty youtube rip to start with, but yeah i just kind of do it by ear because bouncing to MP3 always leaves the vocals sounding either louder or softer when compared to everything uncompressed in Logic.

  3. "I was a trainee a couple of years ago. During one of T-ara’s off-days, they came to our practice room.

    I remember that day clearly. Jiyeon shouted at me: “How old are you?†“Where do you live?†“Do you smoke?â€.
    I told her my age, where I lived, and that I don’t drink nor smoke (in fact, I prefer cocaine).

    She was totally mad at me and she gave me a roundhouse kick... I still have the scar.

    Suddenly, Chuck Norris appeared out of nowhere and he went into a private room with Jiyeon. She told us that, at that time, her father was still a virgin. Jiyeon lost her virginity before her father and her oppa was Chuck Norris."

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