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  1. Dropped AE a long long time ago...but now that Rolentie's back I'ma be hoppin' over betches, ya feel?


    Anyone still play on PSN? I have ROYALEFATALE on my list but that's about it. According to eventhubs fight tracker, someone named "jawnz" is less than 10 miles away from me. That has to be someone from here.

    been playing AE a lot on PSN lately.

  2. blah blah blah. getting both anyway. love exclusives but hate to decide what platform with multiplatfom ones, anyone with the same 'issue'? how do you solve it?


    the only reason i would ever get the Xbone is Forza 5.

  3. The one fucking time she takes a topless photo and its of her fucking back.


    I'm praying to the gods that there is a "behind the scenes photoshoot" video


    seriously, and people actually think it's risque, where are the outtakes?




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