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  1. on the same boat as AnKZ. if a get a midi keyboard, i can start fucking around with logic 9?


    you don't even need a midi keyboard if you just want to play around and hear sounds from various VSTs/AUs, press caps lock in Logic 9 and you can play notes on your keyboard, a midi keyboard would be better but isn't totally necessary if you're just looking to fuck around a bit.

  2. my characters keep getting deleted wtf. reached level 5 on my latest one. when i quit and started the game again my pencil skirt-wearing Asian giantess office lady wasn't there anymore


    they aren't deleted, it happens when the cloud servers are down, don't overwrite your slot with a new character and you won't lose them.


  3. I really fucking hate dealing with employment agencies. FUCK. How some of these people even have jobs, I'll never know.


    can confirm temp workers are absolutely dumb as fuck, i don't understand how they function in their daily lives without someone telling them what to do.

  4. good lookin out homies.  


    yo how do i sex strippers? seems like none of them hoes hungry for the penis just the paper


    keep making it rain until the meter fills for a private dance, then if you get that meter up you can take them home and add their number to your phone for anytime sexin'

  5. don't be afraid to use the brakes on a car, GTA's roads have this scripted feeling that you will learn and learn to exploit to get around faster, for instance if you're on a two lane road there will more than likely be a car in the oncoming lane coming at the same time you want to pass in your lane, also buses and cars will randomly run red lights in intersections just to cross your path, look for openings...if you're running from the cops just duck into an alley or under a bridge to hide out.

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