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  1. the production on this track and the 2NE1 record is really a step up from the over-compressed garbage that was prevalent before on every kpop record, it actually sounds better when turnt up for a change, also sup taeng.

  2. wow, lots of people on neogaf/amazon/sony forums are saying there are a huge amount of bricked doa units, systems with bent hdmi ports or noisy disc drives. i don't even know why people bother with launch systems anymore, they are always buggy as fuck.


    that definitely sucks, i think it's a small percentage compared to the over 1 million sold though, no one on my PSN list has had any problems including myself, although Battlefield 4 is buggy as fuck (it crashes a lot) which i read is very prevalent not only on PS4 but the PC version as well.

  3. i'm also looking to get back into playing (probably indoor since that's where a lot of adult leagues are focused) just need to get back in shape , i started playing indoor around age 5 or so and eventually playing with a club through elementary and middle school which basically turned into my high school's team, i haven't played in a minute and i definitely feel like those years playing is part of the reason why i still have knee and hip flexor pain occasionally.


    i remember wearing these for a few seasons when they were released.



    also had the somewhat obligatory puma kings (i feel like everyone's had a pair at some point)


    and later (i think in high school) wore the first model of nike vapors when they came out, couldn't believe how light (or thin) they were at the time:


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