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  1. michael bradley losing possession once again costing us a goal for the second time, also hitting the only defender in front of an open net, i really hope this guy doesn't start against Germany.


    every American in the 94th minute: KZbpOXD.jpg

  2. at least they were somewhat exciting to watch thanks to Sterling and Barkley.

    can't wait to see Higuain, Mascherano, Di Maria, Kun Aguero and Messi all playing together tomorrow, have a feeling it could be Holland-like in terms of goal scoring.

  3. i want portugal to win but realistically my money is on the netherlands


    interested in seeing how belgium is going to perform, seems promising


    portugal's hopes ride on ronaldo actually showing up, he was pretty non-existent in the CL final

    oh and robben's second goal today, i couldn't help but laugh when he stopped and cut past casillas to his left foot, poor guy...shame to see a legend go out like that, i would hope de gea gets the start next match.

  4. tbh i think croatia outclassed Brazil up until halfway through 2nd half. Brazil have got such an easy group stage, they're bound to go through and probably end up in the final or at least the semi's


    i don't think anyone has brasil making the final, they'll go out in semis or quarters even if they play the way they did against croatia.


    with that said spain is the team to beat, they have a dynasty on their hands, but i think france and especially argentina could give them a run for their money.

  5. tl;dr ubishit still sucks, watchdogs is a huge pass from me. Went back to playing planetside 2: game of the year, all years. Seriously if you have a good PC and like FPS games nothing even comes close right now. Such a great experience rolling 40 deep into a base with like 200+ people fighting, air bombardment, tanks all firing at the same time. The ability for SOE to give such a responsive experience with true MMO scale is astonishing.


    yeah fuck Watch Dogs, Battlefield: Hardline is looking fun, just hope they don't fuck it up again.

  6. just got a new pair of firm ground german-made copa mundials. so nice, but it's crazy how much they've gone up in price in the last few years. $150 now and some are made in indonesia instead of germany. can't believe people are paying $300 these days for the new flashy speed boots.


    i've never seen any $300 boots, even the superfly vapors max out around $275 i believe, but reportedly the nike magistas will be $300 for the top model. personally waiting for these to be released: http://www.worldsoccershop.com/63606.html for some reason only available in the UK nike store.

  7. there's ten minutes or so at the end and a couple minutes in the middle, v dramatic events


    it feels like a dlc... should have been $10-20, download only, dunno why they did it like this


    it's demo, a taste of what's to come in MGS:V, i feel like seeing Snake on my PS4 was well worth the $30 and if you actually stealthily handle the missions and side ops it takes quite a long time.

  8. There are way too many different types of tools out there for making music that you'll have to narrow it down. Do you want hardware to use with your computer and software or hardware that works completely by itself? 


    First random suggestion off the top of my head is an OP-1. 


    OP-1 is a waste of money for what it does, yes the engineering and GUI is nice, but for the price you'd be better off with something else, or going all software even.

  9. TESO is really dumbed down to the point of insult. The game is the most generic of theme-park style MMOs filled with static content. It will be reviewed horribly and nobody will play it. 


    probably because it's not even made by Bethesda, just licensing the Elder Scrolls name, the true sequel to Skyrim will no doubt be incredible, btw MGS:GZ in a week!!

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